HWS NA The end is nigh

In an Ahax farm, on a backwater colony.

Alexander watched the night sky turn black as the void. He turned to his home, dread so deep across his freckled face. He ran, arms wide, as the ever lived star in his sky blinked out.

In the heart of a citadel.

Frank flew his arodym at tree top level, late to the office of his multi trillion credit empire. When the electrical system failed, trees shattered, glass cracked, his gut shuttered as he lied impaled at the city wall. As his eyes turned inward, he raised his head to see the stars fade.

In the mist of stone and dust.

Rebecca zigged and then zagged, chassed by Chris, her childhood friend of a different life. Plasma bolts cut through the void, struck stone and dust. Her shields flared, his voice desperate for her surrender. A memory of the two, as their lives diverged, he on his knee, a metal ring and a stone and she plans of making it rich some other way he could not follow. The lights flashed, their ships no more than rock forever in a race, never to meet as Entropy lowered the curtain on this romance of the stars.

Throughout the void, a voice, equal in dark intent and piercing as a knife spoke but one line. Not with radio, or technology, but with thought sent to every sentient being across all of creation, and all at once. “Your hopes, your dreams, your love and your hate, your vanity of existences, is no more.”