HWS New Ships and CV Showroom

Hi all,

Just a couple of new Garage related things for you to check out when theres a break in the battle, or mining, or POI-ing or pruning your hedges …


Firstly, we have a lovely new CV designed by a fantastic ship designer by the name of Hammer. You might know him … The Ship has been on EU for a while, but with one thing or another I’ve only just managed to get a little PDF done and get the thing up for sale on NA. Over limit turrets, Alien Core, 10 x Furnaces and some really nice touches to the design, it really is a great ship for the PVE guys of HWS. Am sure the PVP’ers might find a use for some of it too …



Also, and this has been around for a little while too (its a busy job being HWS Admin you know!!) we have a new (ish) HV from Graybierd which has 14 t2 Drills on it and a few other Alien Enhancements. Its a pretty nifty miner …


In Addition to this, I’ve populated the ECC Space Garage (Both Servers) with all 4 Garage CV’s as a showroom. All of the doors are set to public so you can get in and have a wander round. You cannot purchase the ships here, you need to go to ECC to do that.

Aaaaand finally …

Thanks to everyone who is using the support template in the forum, it really makes our life a lot easier having the info in one place to begin with. There have been a couple of incredibly rare instances where all 3 Admins have responded to the same post and if that happens to YOU from now on, you get this Glorious and much sort after trophy presented in a ceremony with trumpets and cake and pop.

Actually, the trumpets, cake and pop are all lies. So is the ‘presented’ … it’ll be dumped somewhere near your last known position when one of us is passing.

Yes, its rubbish … but it has an Alien Core in it.

Thanks everyone for your continuing support, your patience with support requests (mostly) and for just being an awesome community.

Your HWS Team.


Sweet new ships and a nice idea with the trophy :smiley:

I want one at the ECC with the sign “Best Trader of the Year” :wink:

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So can I ask a question for each admin?

Why do you hate me so?

I want 3 replies!

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Number 1

(You just have to see it differently. If you only get response from one, this one throws all his work beside, grabs some food, goes to the bathroom, locks the door. And ONLY cares for you ;). No time for other things. the optimal support.