HWS Nova | 4th server in cooperation with Eleon

Hey @everyone

it is finally here: our dedicated test server! Always the brand new features, always ahead of the others!

HWS Nova | Experimental Branch Test Server

But it would be not a test server if we wouldn’t mix it up with some HWS features, right? And no one of you want to deal either with the console commands or no commands at all.

HWS Nova commad - one command to rule them all

So here it is, the command only working on the Nova server:

cb:GetMeStarted (thanks for every try in Discord :wink: )

With this command you will automatically set to lvl 20 + unlock points will be given

Furthermore you have infinite DO:RE and DO:BP spawns available.
The package is a bit customized too.

Keep in mind that this server has nothing to do about donations nor should you count this as a donator server at all

On top of it you have OCD instant to level 7, all Auto Miner to level 10 and OCD is of course active!

Will think about a HWS Connect integration

Last but not least if you have ANY feedback / suggestion / help request PLEASE use this dedicated category:

We hope you visit this server from time to time to not only improve the game with your feedback about the earliest features but also to create some cool stories there because well… discover yourself :wink:

Thank you all for helping and enjoy! :popcorn:

Your HWS Team

Keep the updated settings in mind:

  • Everything to fast (difficulty…)
  • Blueprint Class limit to 5
  • No block limit
  • Check in multi lobby for changed decay time etc.
  • OP on (Kappa)

Is it possible to enable the itemmenu for users so that we can easily make the larger ships?

Getting a resource package 150 times to spawn a ship, while doable, is a bit painful.


Or add a bunch of 5x999 stacks of combat steel blocks to the resource package as a highly mineral dense stack.

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We decided with intention against stuff like godmode, itemmenu, etc. because in the end we also want “real” test conditions. Where you also test the constructors from time to time if they can be duped etc.

For just blueprint boosting create a template and I integrate it into the do:re command supply.

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This should be an accurate representation of materials needed to craft a max size CV on the test server:


Edit: As an alternative, the ability to obtain stacks combat steel as part of a resource package would also alleviate all of my concerns.

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Ok like this?

This Bp ai over, I dismantled one of these and more than 30 k of combat blocks, more and laborious to transform, it would be better a pack of 7 k combat blocks

Great rexx you hit on the target.

A full stack of fusion cells would be nice but other than that the resource list is perfect.

(But you gave a mouse a cookie :stuck_out_tongue:)


Any way to see what’s in OCD without HWS connect ? :slight_smile:

You can also by a pack of pentaxid, because with certainty the focus on this server will be to test the combat mainly …

Hi RexXxus,

Is the server in the EU or NA?

I can’t see it in the server list and suspect the ping is too high to Australia for me to see it.


As a Canadian, I prefer http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xE-uzMWDvjo/T2oMLSaTuMI/AAAAAAAAASY/bFtEyVcqpEA/s1600/Give+A+Moose+A+Muffin.jpg

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