HWS NPC Trader Update

Hey @everyone,

can’t believe it myself but finally I updated every HWS NPC Trader on NA and EU.
It took me long, too long and always got pushed away by other things but that won’t happen again. I found a fast future ready workflow. However due the integration of HWS NPC Trader into real NPC Trader a lot of people don’t know how they work I think.

HWS NPC Trader versus NPC Trader

First of all: HWS NPC Trader are only available with a donation.
Then you have to check the information page for that donation:


Or just that page for full info as stated:

It allows you basically to sell a lot of items to other players without the need of supply the NPC Trader by yourself. On the other side you get 50% of the whole money straight into your bank.

NPC Trader Mall

In the NPC Trader Mall you see default NPC Traders now. The thing is that you can’t buy the items you see there with the normal way you are used to be. You see neither Cash nor Bank is accepted as pay options.

Instead read the info from the NPC Trader (yeah a bit small):

It is basically again an unique HWS feature you can use with the command


It cost credits and RP, depending on the offered package.

The best way to check how much it cost and where you can find what package exactly is in easy visible in HWS Connect

There you see the color code. Each shop area has outside the parent color and inside of the four shop section the child color. (also represented by the color of the RP and Credit cost). That way you always know where to go.


The only “issue” is that there can only be 16 NPC Trader in the NPC Trader Mall and it is full already (thanks to all supporters!).

However some HWS NPC Trader Owners are not playing anymore and if we see that one of them not played at least once per season the slot will be free again.

If the Mall is full and you still want to have one you are free to have your custom shop somewhere else (not in ECC, ECC Space, Starter Systems or CSW however).
For example on your donator planet or even PvP playfields.
For PvP playfields you can let your shop be equipped with an admin core for an one time fee of 50k credits.

Selling player ships

If room is available you can also sell your small ships on one of the eight platforms by the NPC Trader Mall.
For that you can use the command


Overall it is one of the most advanced donation option and process, maybe to complicate but after diving into it a bit an awesome way to earn additional credits passively.

Thanks everyone for that way of support and sorry that it took so long to migrate it.


P.S.: I just migrated the old template to the new one. If you want to change your template PM me.


Yipeeeeeeeeee I might start to see some come back on my investment at last. Thanks rex

And HWS just keeps getting better and better, great work!

So if I understand that correctly the NPC trader will stay there as long as the buyer keeps playing at least once per season?

I suggest to make it very clear on the donation page:

For how long will the NPC trader remain? 1 Season or as long as the player is active?

If it is for 1 season, this offer is great when the season starts, but probably not at the end of the season. If the NPC trader exists as long as the donator remains active, it turns out to be an amazing offer at any time and you will most likely get much more donators on this, if you make it clear to everyone. It’s one very important point that you probably forgot to mention.

In any case: Great Job, @RexXxuS !

Thanks for the suggestion! Will add more information to it.

Has this trader any deeper meaning ?

I can sell quite good on ECC, at least epic weapons, autominer cores and armor mods.

Not enough credits to EVER hope buying OCD6, but quite ok. I sell absolutely nothing at the black market, even at low price.

What would be the benefit of these traders ? No one will visit the mall to buy from them.

The seller doesn’t loose anything when someone buy’s but still gets 50% of the profits, the buyer can get more value per credit at an expensive of RP.

The people who shop on the ECC market and the people who shop on the Elemental Black Market are different people. When you start playing you use the ECC market because it is what you know. So new people items. The Elemental Black Market is more people who have been playing for at least a month. They don’t need epic weapons they have FA supply. They don’t need basic gear Iron/Cobalt they have it in spades. What they don’t have is Gold Bars and things that greatly reduce the length of time it takes to make things IE Type 2 Generators, reactor cores, etc. Of Course other things like Red/Blue/White crates are great to sell at the EBM as well.

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