HWS patch 4.0.1 - new planet tax formula

Hey Ho,

so Jascha was almost faster than I typed. :wink:
Sorry for the overall adjustments but we listen to your feedback and want nevertheless the best way of it.

##The new Planet Tax formula is now:

  • Devices * 1000 / RP / Members (per day)
  • The overall minimum you have to pay is 1000 credits per structure

This formula is active now.

Thoughts about the changes:

Tests shows us that blocks are not the problem for the server or the gameplay. Devices are. I mean maybe blocks could caused the Mars crash or general crashes but devs assured that this wasn’t the problem. So we stick with that fact for now. Devices are the problem. We take your devices and think 1000 is a good modifier for it. The rest of the formula is unchanged.
This should allow you to still build nice stuff but keep an eye on your glasses, plants, lights, thrusters, etc.

The overall minimum of 1000 credits per structure is needed as we see that on HWS EU the Trader Planet is already flooded over and over with small tiny stuff which nobody needs which causing other people to can’t build anymore because we have a core limit at 170. So even if you would have like 7000 RP and theoretically 0 costs to your structures you still have to pay 1000 per structure.

I hope everything is clear - you can also read it up on HWS Guide of course.

If you have questions let us know.
Your HWS Team


I like you changes but personally I would increase the minimum per structure. Put a fee around 10k to 20k.

i totaly agree with nopal. Great change, but the minimum price should be arround 15k.

That is insanely cheap, i agree with being charged for devices, but possibly not this cheap. For my 9k base with 600 device on hunter planet, on private with 32 rp i pay just 18,000k…before i saw this i was expecting to pay more like 168k lol.

kind de-values RP

Sorry for the feedback you guys are doing an incredibly lot of hard work on 4, just means faction planets could now potentially become the new 'Destiny, Mars, Pk5 of old…

overcrowded very quick?

You guys must be making stupid amount a day. I am a new trader only made 500k since wipe. its just not possible for me to be paying out more than 5k a day. some days im not on. this tax does not benefit single traders like me who can only spend a couple hours a day online. (its more this week as i am off on holiday)

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I support the current tax formula.

The faction planets aren’t supposed to offer every member of the faction a home base. It is something to strive for, to be a success, or to have something small. A minimalist base that costs 1k a day should be a fine goal for a starting player. I would not object to a 10k minimum, but unless the 1k fails to reduce the core population, probably isn’t necessary. I think of it in terms of interest. If you have 1m in the bank you are making 10k a day in interest.

The primary point of the tax is to keep everyone from building on the pve planets and overfilling the playfield. It should always be however high is necessary to keep them from overcrowding.

I support the tax system as RexXxus has put it above.

I have a full time job and family life, I don;t have lots of time and I don;t want to log on and be constantly worrying about earning credits to pay tax as that is way too much like the world I am trying to escape plating here.

There are only 4 of us in our Trader faction and we are all in the same boat. We already get in trouble with our wives for too much time in game. :slight_smile:

I understand the need to keep the structures down, but the alternative for me is to make a base on the alternating PVP/PVE and occasionally loose a base. I want to have a small safe base for us to operate from.

I guess the alternative is for the four of us to chip in and buy our own planet…

Just my 2 cents.


Basically most people who support are the new guys/less frequent players who want everything off the bat.

In what multiplayer game do you log on and be at level 50 after such a short amount of time?

300 hours on server, not 10 mins and I get to have everything safe forever…(until next wipe :wink: )

All I read every day is cry, cry and cry ‘support’ I lost my ships, support ’ ‘this is rubbish’ support ‘tax is a joke’ etc etc

So now we have 4 permanent pve for everyone if they choose as it’s no longer a luxury to stay there. I mean new Joe can move str8 in forever,we have 2 on rotations pve, 3 starters, elemental planet, elemental orbit. Donator planets.

4.0 was meant to back to roots, not cater for every person to be able to carebare and basically not even need to survive!

Those planets were a ‘strive for’ you don’t just put a T and the end of your name and that’s it you get a lovely planet to permanent settle…1 hour playtime.

This has really annoyed me tbf, new guys wanting it all and admins being pressured too much to this. I’ve made suggesting in the past with a lot of thought put into…they were never crying or demanding.

Not once have I used that ‘support’ to cry about losing shit/changing/moaning like so many ppl.

Long term players = kick in teeth

New players = no time needed to put in. You start a king with everything.

and once again the carebears win! 1000 credits haha? that is what i make per mili second, atleast 100k credits per day should be an minimum…

Just to make sure…Its just a start. We had to implement a Tax list to see how it would really look like on the Server.
That is done now… soon also visible for oyu on HWS Connect. From there on we can adapt the values much easier and see the effects. The 1000 Credit Minimum was a start at least to prevent smal buildings.
But of course we have to adapt it… maybe even taken the playtime into consideration… Who knows. Its hard to find a formular that makes it equaly hard for extreme players and new players who have to earn a bit money first.

We want to get back to the roots… but of course that takes some time.
We might even have a general solution for this carebear/pvp-pro’s problem… but will see.

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Ok seems i am in the minority here, I accept that and I guess I will just get on with it. What some of you dont get though is that as a single player who will make less than a million a week forever not just to start with. Will never be able to afford the tax.

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After a week of playing , you would have 7*7 RP = 49RP. Assuming a base + CV with a total of 600 Devices. Your cost would be (600 * 1000) / 49 = 12K / day tax. Not that much really when you calculate how much you can make from auto miner. I dont think you should be able to just go to one of the alliance planet and put a large base + CV on day 1. It should be something you plan for, get assets, save coin, etc…

In any case that’s just my opinion. I also understand why some would like to be able to move their on day 1.

Those planets are not for beginners, but see them as mid/end game contents when you have played enough on the server and got a good amount of CR, don’t forget some factions earn a daily salary based on rep which is easy to get now with 7RP/day + gold auto miner + mining gold + raiding/selling stuffs depends on factions.

Only in 4.0 I am in a faction. 250 hours I was a lone wolf. I am a millionaire, I mined for hours and hours and traded to get there.

If people can’t/don’t want to put the time in they should have to bear the consequences…ie you have to live in pvp space (like I did for most part of 3.0) or you have to move with the pve rotations (you haven’t earnt the luxury of permanent pvp).

You should be in an established faction, meaning you have been in for x amount of time which gives you the rep to stay.

A formula shouldn’t this hard.

What’s wrong with this.

Flat rate 100k a day upto 1000 devices.

Must have at least x amount of rep to move on planet.

100k - playtime. 500 for every hour. With a minimum rent of 25k.

This would solve small structures, new guys not having it easy and over crowing.

People will cry, learn how to survive and commit time to server and you will prosper…don’t/can’t want too.

Deal with it.

Imagine I moaned to EA because I can’t play very often it’s not fair that a guy has all unlocks and prestiges and bonus when I will never be able to.

That is my problem, not theirs.

Id sooner see all faction planets to be pvp than see it become a carebare haven for all…

‘But your care barer as you can afford to stay their Achilles!’

Well no, I’ve had to struggle alot to get there in 2.0 and 3.0…and the base is to keep everything I’ve collected over hours of server play.

We use our base as quick means to operate so we can spend our time hunting people that dont follow rules etc…

My faction has a reputation, we’ve earnt the right to sit amongst other elite hunters…not Joe blogs who has just moved to server and put H at end hunter in name and has a crap small base on the planet permanently…

The line that comes up after you type


‘Who are you, get some reputation first’

This is how it should be…

Rep shouldn’t be dished out so easy, 7 a day…what was wrong with 1 a day.

Just take away losing rep for everyone apart from hunters, make getting it a little task like warping etc for trader.

People need to be able to build a rep but not be the man after 2-3 days.

It took me 20 days to get 20 rep, now I get 7 a frickin day along with all the new guys.

What I did in 3 weeks they do in 3 days.

My plea here is with the admins, you want to make the server great for all its amazing and always has been. just please commit to changes more…this has changed already 3 times?

There is constructive feedback and their is crying.

We have this problem now due to people crying, not constructive feedback.

1 thing that should be vital for this whole faction planet system to work

  1. Rep points matter

Aside playtime, and cost.

You have to have a reputation to live on a faction planet imo.


Just to add on reputation it shouldn’t be as easy to get, i don’t think losing rep at this stage (to complicated) people wont understand/read why. more ‘Support’ threads :expressionless:

ATM its basically, oh you havent played for a week? well done heres 70 rep points! thank for being such a supporter of the server! lol

it should be, you’ve logged on, you’ve completed X task relevant to your faction, well done here is your rep.

would be nice to see rep linked to hours on server tbh, perhaps 1 rep point or every hour?

Either way its future, the top says ‘Final’ and i totally respects that, less often changes is a good thing, hard to keep up ;). it’s another substantial blow to long standing community imo, but hey ho…i have to deal with it along with others :slight_smile:


Reply of the day :v:

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I’ll be blunt, I’m playing a little time in the server however since I follow the same long time, but only now managed to gather a good group for us to play here. That said, I think we live in permanent planet is equal to live in Beverly Hills, is not for those who want it for those who can, and to talk, want to live there: join a lot of money, get rich and fter buy a mansion and pay tax, simple …

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I really don’t mind these changes. If people want to live on PvE planets that’s fine with me. They will still need to leave to get other resources - and I’ll be waiting for them in space.

I think it’s good to give people the safety net of a PvE base that they can live out of. This way they are not totally screwed when we blow their CV up.

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Good post Achilles and sorry, it was bad from me putting the “final” in the title. Of course it is not final since we want to implement this as a core HWS feature and polish it till perfection.

The online time for both RP and tax is good and other things coming step by step. We have a good fundamental now on which we can build up.
Sorry that this can cause some changes influencing you. But that is contained with these luxury planets x)

I think some of you guys are looking at it totally backwards. I don’t think the PvE planets are there for the uber factions.

Lets be honest - once you have 500 hours in game you don’t need a pve world. Its’ the newbies who need the saftey net of a pve world to get established.

Yes it’s great that you lived in PvP space - thumbs up and all that. We don’t have a single PvE structure either - but I get that new people want a safe place to start out.

We don’t really need one so much. We have lots of CVs and we are ‘safe’ in PvP space as even losing half our ships would still leave is very powerful and allow us to rebuild easily.

Many newbies do not have that luxury - and they need to safe spot to base out of else they WILL quit.

HWS has been seeing more population than I have seen before - and this is good. I think the PvE safety net is a large factor in that.

The PvE worlds to me are stepping stones into the “real game” which is out in PvP space.