HWS Patreon Event | HWS Event Update

Hi HWS Community,

today there are by coincidence two events running so to speak. The Patreon Event and my Birthday. And as every year, instead of celebrating it selfishly, I have a gift for you :slight_smile:

HWS Patreon Event

From now 6PM until tomorrow 5PM you are free to Enter the “Patreon Event” planet to have bunch of nice objectives and loot to find! :slight_smile:

Just enter the Event via the Teleporters in ECC HQ

And even if you have “first come, first serve” here and there, everyone still get something very nice out from it. Just find the 55 Patreon Boxes and don’t forget some pewpew Rockets :slight_smile: :bomb:

[size=1]Here is maybe some hint for you as well[/size]

The overall price pool is around 500 million credits and 500 HWS Reputation Points

Plus some extra goodies if you are smart like one Alien Core, every Commodity Trade item, Epic Drill and Armor and more.


HWS Patreon Event | Impressions

HWS Event Update

Additionally we have some good and bad news about Events!

Bad news first: I tested the Deathmatch Event properly again and for now it is not possible as I wanted. The command “detach” does not work properly and player could come into the Event with their own ship or leave the event with the free Garage ship. Both not acceptable, sorry.
I will ask Eleon for help here.

The good news: there is coming a new FPS Team Event the next days: Dust 2!

While we can’t create a proper Counter Strike feeling with Empyrion, I hope we can get at least fun out of it nevertheless.
I rebuild this cool Arena @Browar created and would start with following idea:

  • To enter the event type ev:start:dust2:A for Team A or ev:start:dust2:B for Team B
  • It’s a 5 vs 5 Event - just play your role within the team please!
  • At the beginning you have only a Chainsaw
  • Because we can’t prevent friendly fire properly, it is a big challenge. Larger factions could split into Team A and B and kill their team members. While we can’t prevent this in general, there are some workarounds for that
  • On the “bomb place” A, there will be a Trader A.
  • You start with 800 Money Cards into the event and need to rush to these locations as fast as possible to buy better gear
  • In the arena there are boxes you will find more money cards here and there to buy even better weapons at the Traders
  • Play strategically about defense or offense - similar to Counter Strike
  • Random Medic Bays give you random spawn in points
  • The event will run 30 minutes
  • The Team who controls at the end of the event the “bomb place” B, will win the event

We hope you will have fun and can improve it along the way!

Further changes:

  • Reduced the Tower Jump Event from 30 to 15 minutes
  • Reduced Homeworld Event from 4 to 3 hours

The FPS Event will be reworked in the next days as well.

That’s it for now! Under the hood preparations for the next HWS 9.X season are already going to improve the Universe, Resource distribution, POIs and more.
We don’t give up to make Empyrion a great experience for you!
Enjoy your stay on HWS and have a nice weekend!

Your HWS Team

the event isnt going so well for me

I keep getting kicked, due to the EAC thing with steam, im not sure why, and im about to loose it :frowning:

and lost dedicated server all the time

Sorry to hear. Last time I saw you running around just fine… EAC is sometimes very instable sometimes. But after steam verify files and few restarts it should in theory work again

it got better afterwards, not sure why i kept having the issues
but no worries, it must of been my computer or internet connection

oh thats right, I uninstalled the game, and it worked better

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The impression video :slight_smile:

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