HWS Personal Garage/hangar

The idea here is to give players access to a virtual garage they can send their ships to and from during play.
Due to limits of vessel amounts on server we could still have access to many vessels instantly by swapping a ship in or out of the garage.

Players could even buy specific amount of garages and type from the hws system to suit their needs.

If I want to store 3 sv i buy 3 sv garage slots.
Then I can have another 3 sv in world.

Players could start with no garages and not be able to buy or use a garage until they leave starter

The main reason I suggest this feature is because I have lost 3 cv and a sv this last week due to not touching them.
The cv and sv were ready together for pvp and they vanished before i got round to it, after some distracting works.
Also there is no warning system reminding to check the ships every 2 weeks and touch them or to tell me i have not touched a certain object for 13 days i need to go touch it.

If I had the option I would have put them into a garage for safe keeping until they were ready to be used again.
A HWS virtual garage would be perfect for this.

I know the system can save your ship and its contents and give to you even in another server so this idea seems very possible.

I don’t think garages should cost an arm and a leg either and deffo not rep points !
As a casual pve player i dont have time to earn all the rep points it takes for the hws features, I would hate to see a personal garage get associated with levels and rep points.

Thoughts please ^-^

It was suggested here and there and goes in a similar category as the Garage Ship warranty or general “store ships throughout wipes” etc.
Overall: technically not possible for now, because of the IDs changing all the time. Especially because of CSW.
It’s a big technical debt, @Jascha can explain better.

But if touch is the reason I recommend to make full use of our HWS OP aka Stealth Mode aka Tax Free Feature aka Limit circumventer …

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Yep, I see now, have read the facts before was not until i watched the video i understood.

So it is technically garaging a ship in the way i have suggested hehe fair enough, I shall be sure to make use of stealth from now on, very useful feature.

Thanks for your ever quick replies.

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What do you think about maybe allowing longer than 5 days in PvE ONLY for stealthing ships?
example maybe:
-> 2 RP & 14 days of stealth then visible

I missed that XD I just want to be able to put a ship into storage and not worry about it ever again, until i need it.
I dont want to worry about ships vanishing all the time, it dont happen in real life, I never lost any of my real spaceships before I came to this planet you call earth and got shot down here…ooh ive said too much

Perhaps allow us to choose anything up to 30 days to stealth our ship, with a different rp cost per amount.
30 days 5 rp or something.
Does the system warn when a vessel is about to unstealth ?
Or is this another thing that has to be committed to memory ?

I have to say also that sometimes i might venture onto a new planet and like to stay there for some weeks in just a hv exploring in my own time, i lost 3 cv and a sv while exploring atlantis on hv boats lol

Now i am fearful of forgetting timers and days to check things and not focused on play :s