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If you have a grudge against me, that is fine. But if you fail to understand how Empyrion or HWS works, I just wanna try to help you.

First, I don’t count you with 500+ playhours as a “new player”.
Second, even if you wanna try out PvP the first time, you are facing against very old and experienced PvP players on Golden Globe, you complained the most about.
So, while you could train on less populated PvP playfields you just picked the big ones as Titan and Golden Globe. It was a choice you made or to put it maybe differently: in an RPG you faced to end bosses while you were still underleveled. Are you gonna to complain to the Developers of that game now, that you picked the end boss instead of farming and prepare first against him as they intended?
That is at least what you do here and against HWS.
Not to mention you put it with a lot of hate, frustration and insult out. Why?

I am trying it, for example with the recently fixed ECC Missions and Ninja Mission you can get more loot combined together than your few attempts at Golden Globe.

That is totally fine, even though, from my point of view, a total act of hatred and lack of understanding.
At least I don’t understand your frustration and hate you created yourself out there.

If I would do this by the way, I wouldn’t have still some players on HWS enjoying the content we work hard for. It would also mean I wouldn’t care about feedback and stop implementing and adding things to Empyrion / HWS since over 2 years now.
That is all I can and will say, no matter if you leave or not.
In any way, I want to thank you for your time and support here and of course sorry to hear you are leaving nevertheless.
Take care


In the 3 years of pvping on HWS, I’ve seen many people with differing opinions on how things should be done. Instead of complaining something is too hard, I learn, adapt and get better. There are many rewarding PvP playfields in HWS that are easy to hide in. Go out, explore, learn and become a better you.


Surprised it’s still there honestly. I didn’t know if anybody has really bothered with Homeworld.

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Structure Commander

Proximity Alerts

And still you had no clue?

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It’s not like I need to visit EVERY base that is put in place that is faction. Nor am I going to scream bloody murder for every infraction I come across, the most recent one a couple days ago. Did I mention it to the offender? Yes. Did I scream unfair and demand a punishment? No.

I’m sure that base wasn’t too difficult to be taken out, it was probably out of power.

On a positive note you can rename it! DAR 1 ABN 1/2!

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And people wonder why GG is laggy. lol


Read the bottom of that page. RexXxus will tell you cause he’s responded to this several times that bringing a CV in to soak is not illegal. They spent time gathering those resources to turn into that ship which is then being lost to tank.

Ammo draining like the thread above states is soaking damage that isn’t costing the soaker anything. Like respawning over and over again in the same location.

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Seems a bit exploity though. Pushing a feature to give an unfair advantage. Like using dirt for structural integrity purposes but it also deflects damage from other blocks. A feature of the game but taken too far becomes an exploit. Not mad. Just my 2 cents.

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Why? He has 12 minutes. Its costing him his time it took to gather and spawn it and resources as the ship gets destroyed. He won’t be able to bring it out and back in because of how the server ticks work.

It isn’t comparable to respawning over and over and losing nothing. Two fastly different things.

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So, this is not exploiting? The CV is bigger than our base. Edit: This was happening as I posted it. cb:time Sunday 00:19 ish

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@RexXxuS I cannot remember if this was mentioned or not but could we have the planet automatically kick out CVs trying to enter the planet like last season or is that a different feature that only applies to certain times, not CV size? Were 100block CVs implemented to prevent situations like this? Is there a way to disable friendly fire?

@Dreadstar I’m not a long time pvp’er and do not actively seek it so I don’t know all the history behind pvp on this server but from my perspective if this is not exploiting then it’s at least a shady tactic. It seems in line with dropping ships on a base to cause the base/bases to shoot itself causing more damage than would have been caused by just enemies attacking with SV’s and HV’s.

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6. Examples & Tips HWS Rules

Here are a few of the more common instances of rule-breaking, ignoring in-game warnings, or just good practices to employ to be safe ‘just in case’: Your Structures are seized by the “HWS” faction or gone for “no” reason!? The reason for that are on the previous pages explained but you have basically two options: Create a Get Help ticket if you are unsure why and what You are in front of “your” ships but it says HWS? Type egs:buyshipback:ID The cost for that are: (Blocks * Devices)…

Read the bottom of that page. RexXxus will tell you cause he’s responded to this several times that bringing a CV in to soak is not illegal. They spent time gathering those resources to turn into that ship which is then being lost to tank.

Ammo draining like the thread above states is soaking damage that isn’t costing the soaker anything. Like respawning over and over again in the same location.

You are partially correct as yes when invading a base, if you are just respawning losing nothing while the base is drained of ammo, it is wrong. However, using an oversized cv to soak damage is not okay just because resources were gathered and are now being lost on both sides. This has been an issue where there are two things in place to prevent. the timer was put in place so cv’s could come in with armor enough to defend themselves in transit to load/unload hv’s and sv’s. 12 minutes was deemed enough time to enter atmosphere, get to base, do what needs to be done, and leave, thats it. Then it had been requested to allow cv’s to be allowed to stay so long as they are below a block limit, and it was deemed 100 blocks(now 150, im not sure) was enough to do the same as before, but even without a timer it could do no significant sponging. in this case, someone is bringing in a cv that is well over the limit, and using every second they can to absorb everything, and from the size of it in the image, they are losing no significant amount of their ship. it is blatently abusing the limits given to us.

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There is no rule against using an oversized CV to an assault a base within the time limit. If necessary, a hard limit could be put in place to prevent CVs from coming in, or the time limit lowered on CVs of a particular size.

@XXSWFXX You weren’t around for this, but TPP/Op4/PKA did this to use constantly in 7.0. They would spawn CV after CV and attack us. When a limits were put in place, they would play chicken with the timer. I remember on particular instance where TPP came down and had to switch their CV to public because they were out of warnings. @Serious_Squirrel Remember this? It was right at the reset, you landed on the CV and because it was public you were able to switch it to faction lol.

So, while it is cheesy, “your side” came up with the tactic first.


hey if theres no rule explicitly saying that its not allowed, i can only argue so much. ive said all i can. i just feel that the two limits put in place are there for preventing or at least to deter that action. i can understand a cv being brought in to absorb the brunt of a bases defenses. sure i think that can be a tactic. but only when the cv is reasonably sized, say class one like everything else or something. it will sponge some damage, however it still runs the risk of being obliterated and the base turrets returning their attention to the real threat. there does come a point when the cv being used is just so big that its unfair. it virtually renders the base turrets useless.

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PKA never use that tactic in 7.0
so next time you talk about PKA get your evidence right.

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ahah, ironic. Your own videos clearly show your alliance using a soaker CV to attack our bases during season 7. And what’s even more funny is you can see a PKA member also using a soaker HV. You clearly didn’t have any problems using this tactic now, why the sudden change of heart?

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This is not a problem, the battle was still lost even with the help of a CV, all you are doing here is adding further limits to a non issue. These are pvp tactics that anyone can use, at any time, against anyone. These are pvp tactics that have been used since 6.0. And even before that, people where using HV soakers.

Also, see above post. Pot calling kettle?

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you’re really going to make me watch a 40-minute video with no evidence of PKA?

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Nope, I can timecode it for you. Here’s a video of PoR using a soaker CV.

Here’s a screenshot of PoR SOAKER CV. And guess who’s in the soaker HV next to the soaker CV, a PKA member.

Here’s timecoded video of TPP using the tactic too.

No one get’s a free meal, BigBoss, wanna cry foul, don’t do it yourself.
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this is just a Witch Hunt No PKA guilty

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TAW is a respectable Gaming Community and you have for your codes of ethics.
one time you had over 60.
now you only have 31.
PKA has its own code of ethics that we abide by but we are not a militarized organization.
we do not violate the rules we Die With Honor and Glory.

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