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Hello HWS Community!

We want to bring it back! Better and more stable than last time. But in a different way this time.
We open it up, as soon as all things are sorted!

So a little introduction again:

If you’re regular around here you will of course know this. A lot of problems occur out from this early access / alpha game. Glitches, Bugs, Griefing, etc. etc.
Nevertheless we want a nice, good community which needs some rules. But three admins are not always present to enforce these rules, so why not implementing a kind of job into HWS.

HWS Police

The last time the HWS Police had also the job of watching the role play factor. We tried couple of things to enhance the role play but in the end it was a too big burden, people played as they wanted and especially since we are a multi lingual server it never worked so well.
That does not mean we won’t try a good role play server again but it needs more support from our tool to enforce some real cool Origin gameplays - together or against each other.

Since it consumes a lot of time beside all the other tasks of running HWS it will this time more precise.

HWS Police Guidelines (Admins)

  • we will only step in if good evidences are presented

  • we try to answer back within 24 hours

HWS Police Guidelines (Players)

  • we pick some players to help us. They are chosen by us with some criteria like playhours, helping others ingame, trustful etc.

  • no special permission. Just some special equipment provided by us.

  • need to be in a separate faction, dedicated to the HWS Police


Video is of course best, screenshots but have to be ‘Conclusive’

We will never just ‘Assume’.
Basically, Innocent until proven guilty.

Some Key points to understand

1. You will see us around, Bases, SV, and CV etc. We will NEVER attack anyone without justification, NOT EVER. Turrets will be set to off and if someone tries to engage in contact we will retreat

2. If you want to attack us….that is fine. We wouldn’t recommend it, but you will not get punished for doing so in terms of law breaking….you may bite off a bit more than you can chew as we can ‘retaliate’ if we are trying to flee and you are perusing…i.e. you want to destroy us.

3. If we do retaliate we will never loot, and never totally destroy you. We might even be kind enough to offer you a lift home and put it down to ‘Drunk and disorderly’ :wink:

4. We are like real police, we don’t want to fight, we want peace…but if you push us we will not hesitate….so no crying if you lose, we will always do our best to ‘get away from you’

5. You can loot us etc., but we will never carry more than we need, so is it really worth it?

Look out for the police, you can’t mix us up!!


Just wanted to post that I think Andrea and Gareth are doing an amazing job on EU this season, especially helping out newer players. I am frequently noticing the global chat messages from our police. Given this is generally a thankless task, like the admin team, the community should value their contribution greatly.


Even though the first section “Bug report” is legit for the turrets shooting you supposed through the ground it is the current game limit. Because at you see the whole terrain is mined to the black terrain. If you would fly further to the base you see the terrain renders away aswell.

For Turrets however that drilled terrain has no limit in render vision. It is not there so they can shoot. Only a problem for clients, unfortunately.

About the family share accusation however I will check it out asap.


@RexXxuS Thanks, it seemed suspicious so just wanted to have it checked out to be on the safe side. My comments to Gareth about being shot through the ground was me actually being underground in the tunnel by the green wall.

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After investigation one of the NOK member was indeed a family share account of the OGG faction.

Rules are there for too long. Warnings and announcements were made for too long.

That family share account is banned for 2 month, progress reset and NOK GG bases removed.

Matter closed.


I support this fully. I don’t understand why players need so many fake bases anyways. Get in a SHIP and fight lol That’s why right now we (I.M.F. AKA Corsairs, now Disavowed) have broken off almost all alliances.


The qualifier is 500m, not “I’m not sure but I think it is within firing range”

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500m for allaince bases 300 meaters for your own player bases and 700m from enamie bases with olp

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Hard to tell, especially when PKA base is child block built and has OLP. So I figured I might as well report it so an admin can determine if it’s wrong or not.

There was no way for me to determine it without getting killed.

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You are not allowed to circumvent our limitation system by splitting bigger factions / alliances into smaller ones (< (less than) 3), supporting them with the current Offline Protection mechanic! You can play and support bigger factions as a small faction but as soon as we see you built an Offline Protection device on that “supporter” structures (in shooting range) they will be removed without warnings!

Shooting range is 565m which should be the qualifier. The 500m is outdated and I’m sure is an oversight with rapidly changing ranges and rules.

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actually , I didn’t log off after you disabled my sv, since it was close to my base I jumped on my bike and went to make new fuel packs and fuel to get it home. since you’re on the subject of rulebreaking, how is it, you’re turrets seemed to be indestructible, I hit them with multiple direct shots and they took no damage, then when you tried ramming tohk and ended up flipping yourself on your side twice I went after you’re fuel tanks and they never took a scratch…seems a bit odd , o and by the way , next time to try to ram you’re tank into another tank maybe try hovering a bit lower so you don’t climb him and flip…, both times were you’re fault so deal with it.

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so prior to this I have blown up 3 hv’s 2 sv’s and 2 miner hv’s all of which were mobile, and none of which produced a back pack or a kill I did see the motorcycle the last time so I would give you that SV. puposely moving into my range and hitting me in an attempt to knock me over and I believe that the cones are specifically to amplify that behavior, but I don’t know about that either. Lastly it was openly bragged about the logging off behavior in chat as it wasn’t against the rules. I didn’t look it up, so it may or may not be but it is still shitty behavior.

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Have more pictures if needed


Turrets may be placed anywhere allowed using the ‘Attach to Base’ feature. This includes bare ground.

Turrets are not allowed to clip into blocks. You are allowed to use “decoy” guns/turrets but they have to be fully covered in your structure.

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Please check out the turrets on the bases on Homeworld they are partially covered and shooting through obscured portholes

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If he PM’s me, that is still harassment. In the video he says he laughed when he saw me tell another player my son is autistic, and continued on the mental issues fame about me for some time after I reported him. Of course he wasn’t speaking directly to me, just about me, and he now calls me snowflake. This is also harassment. Why should he be able to affect my enjoyment of the game and this server.

I am not asking he leave, just leave me alone, and he wont. He is just a troll.

edit for clairity

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Hi BuckeyeJim;

Sorry to hear about all that, this dude sounds like a real piece of work. My advice is as follows:

If this player continues to harass you despite Rexxus’ warning to this player then you should issue another police report in the same place as before with the screenshots of the new abuse taking place, then Rexxus can take further action.

We just have to follow the process as best we can and start with a warning and then work our way up to something considerably more serious should this continue.

Best regards

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This is a common empyrion bug. No foul play.

I really wish people would do their research before trying to slander honest players on the forums or by going direct to admins.

I’ve experienced both the good and the bad end of this bug. It’s basically when it all gets a bit much. Similarly in CV fights where if you get too close part of your CV can end up stuck on the enemy’s and vice versa.

Hilariously i once had this bug with a hover where i was in a CV and in combat the hover bugged out and turned CV-sized, and i had to blow my way out of my ship with a plasma cannon; Wish i had a screenshot as it was pretty hilarious at the time.

But yeah the TL:DR is this; i dont know anything at all about this lag switch business or whatever, but i do know the empyrion engine; and the engine is full of bugs that will be especially pronounced on a server of this size when PVP is in full swing. I’ve had times where my ship has suddenly rendered all the damage at once, and i’ve gone from a full HP marauder to having the last few layers left. I’ve also experienced the same when fighting enemies; particularly CVs.

Best regards

PS: I’m aware this doesn’t answer TLABaJl’s accusation. However i think it’s important to educate people on these issues before we all start pinning blame on innocent PVPers.

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I have a video of this bug is triggered intentionally. In this video, the player intentionally exposes his ship as agroblok and receives no damage.

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