HWS Police I need help

Couldn’t post on police thread so did it here

Server NA

Stealing and killing in pve

Player name Stalker faction name Seamen Hunters

WillEatsPie ( faction has no part in this only a beef between us )

What happened? He used his drill to mine under me tell through the ore to bottom of a hole and died he then looted about 5 and a half stacks of gold ore from my inventory ( had just finished mining with an hv ) by the time I had made it to my backpack he had grabbed it and logged off

Why? I would assumed he wanted the gold I had been mining

Pls use server proof to see that he mined under me and accessed my backpack also i don’t care about punishment for him it took me almost 6 hours to get that gold all I want is it back would be nice if u gave me some extra of his gold or money or deleted his gold or money thanx for reading still pretty f’ing mad at him though

Please reference page 14 of the guide:
“If no admin was present during a situation, there needs to photographic or preferably video proof for action to be taken. If you don’t have evidences of your accusation you can’t expect help.”

OK thanks for that apparently they where harrassing traders a fac obliterated them so not like i could get anything back now anyway lol i have pics of the mine but all the ore was mined up so no proof there thanks.

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I recommend keeping a recording software in the background recording at low res. Just delete the recordings after a few days to save space. It will save you a lot of heartache when something goes goofy.

hey thanks will do i actually have one already used to use it on youtube will do.

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