HWS Police NA | Overall situation

Hi HWS Community,

with big sadness we have to say goodbye to another NA Police member: @Mal
She won’t come back to HWS for quite some time and even if, she will never be able to apply for the HWS Police.

I don’t want to go too much in detail but the biggest and most important rule about integrity and honesty got broken.
She shared high sensitive PvP information and more

That is an absolute disaster and I must say sorry, that this happened.

PvP got hotter recently on NA and many on requested more authority while I am sleeping due timezone and since some recommended her and she helped nevertheless many (new) players, I wanted to give it a slow go.

So here we are… again, I was too easy about trust and hope got in my way, because that is now the third failed NA “authority” attempt.

No matter the feeling and circumstances, I can’t stress out enough that I really thank @Remove for his honesty and attitude towards HWS, HWS NA and the overall community to help me with this issue in standing up and say “that is not what we want on HWS”. No matter how heated PvP can get.
And I really want to motivate everyone to do the same in such situations!
For you it’s just a game, sometimes fun, sometimes not. But I invest day and night into Empyrion with all I
have, on all fronts, even trying to make a living out of it.
I really appreciate the overall spirit to “protect” HWS from unnecessary damage.

Why is this happening and why do I not have a public “Police / Admin Application” form anywhere?
Exactly for that reason: I want that other players recommend me another player (that is by the way the story how I became Admin of an Empyrion server first and created HWS afterwards).
I want to observe and see how things are going first.
You can’t apply for such an important job like you can for a Gas Station Assist. You need to have experience in Empyrion, experience in HWS, loyalty overall and actions speak for you - not words.

Since neither the Police nor admins can “play regular” on HWS, I’m very strict about that and always hope for great guys like DeeExpus, Gareth and others were / are.

So an application is the wrong way to go about it in the first place. It was my mistake here to got influenced and hoped for the good. I won’t do it again!

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused!

I’m glad @JUNIPER is back, checking out NA more often again.

I know the admin situation on HWS was always a topic some criticized and blaimed about but only very few understand what all that means in detail and how much insane trust you need towards a human, to not fuck up, because once a human has power, the pressure gets really really high over time to abuse it.

While I would never abuse my power in that way, I’m just regular burned out by all the requests and drama mainly PvP is causing. Hence I’m sometimes unfortunately rude or unfriendly, even though it’s not my intention…

Looking at 4800+ solved Support Tickets … done for free in our spare time… for an alpha game is sometimes shocking me more and more as well…

Anyways, once again, I apologize and will really be more careful in the future as well as change few things to make it less stressful (looking at you, Book of Rules…)


We do appreciate the time and effort your team puts in Rex especially with as you said the amount of effort needed for an Alpha game. Also appreciate the honesty of Cardboard jack with helping to keep this server clean kudos to you.


Well I must agree with ICE, this is one instance in which community came before game. Well done @Remove Much respect.

And as for you rex, I am dearly sorry for your loss. I am also sorry that people like this are who you have to deal with. Luckily we have a unique and unbreakable belief in community here at HWS, and people like cardboard are our vanguard against unfair play.


we can be toxic at times just for the immersion… but much respect jack. u did the right thing.

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I am always available to help any one

You acted well @RexXxuS. It was the right thing to do. Thanks :+1: