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Server : EU

Type of Offence Committed: Intentional Glitching

Time/Date of offence: 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST 08/24/2018

Player/Faction accused : RED & OPG
Player Faction reporting: GCG, SAD, A.S

What happened? Forced their Offline Protection to activate almost or as soon as they got offline as to circumvent the timer.

Why did it happen? They use it to cheat the activation timer as to stop an offline raid.

Evidence: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxjlxw7ebic5js3/2018-08-25%2003-03-56.flv?dl=0

The outcome: (Our Verdict, within 24 hours-Check back to see this updated and what action was taken)

Outcome: I said it 3 times to all of you already but I repeat the last final time: russians or any player are/is technically NOT able to influence the offline protection (OP) in ANY way! All of your slander that they cheat about it is blatant lie and accusations which are next time punishable.
This is a reproduced bug which occures for everyone, we have reported to Eleon and is hopefully fixed with Alpha 8.5. If not we consider to turn off OP completely in the 8.X season because it does not make any sense then.


Server: EU

Type of Offence Committed: HWS captured Ships

Time/Date of offence: 26/08/2018 all night long probably

Player/Faction accused: [A.S.] - [SXH] - [GCG]

Player Faction reporting: OPG

What happened? Logged in and found a lot of HWS captured ships on our golden globe base

Rule Violated: Using over limits ships with the intent of HWS capturing it

Evidence: (Screens/Video/logs)

The outcome: The punishment for HWS fake limit ships is automatically applied. Everything else is legal — topic: sponge ships. We allow this since resources got wasted to create these ships.

Server: EU

Type of Offence Committed: Ammo draining

Time/Date of offence: 24/08/2018

Player/Faction accused: [SXH]

Player Faction reporting: RED

What happened? Player Sephroh dying again and again. You can see it on his screen

Outcome: Your screenshot is very bad showing nothing / was dealt with already! But checking the logs again I see the first lesson was not learned.

50% credits + all RP lost + guilty + Prison for one day.

Server: EU

Type of Offence Committed: Ammo draining

Time/Date of offence: 26/08/2018

Player/Faction accused: [SXH] GCG A.S

Player Faction reporting: OPG

Outcome: See above - SXH got sorted already. A.S and GCG were not ammo draining by definition (10+ times within 10 minutes) though. Dying by a raid is not automatically ammo draining.

Server: EU
Time/Date of offence: 28/08/2018

Outcome: Destroyed.

Server: EU

Type of Offence Committed: Ammo draining

Time/Date of offence: 09/09/2018

Player/Faction accused: [A.S]

Player Faction reporting: RED

What happened? Player Goblin dying again and again. You can see it on his screen

Outcome: No ammo drain was done. Make sure you have read and understood our rules regarding them!

Server : (EU/NA) NA

**Type of Offence Committed:**Op4 “camping” starter area with base

Time/Date of offence: 6:00 server time and possibly longer

Player/Faction accused : Op4

Player Faction reporting: ACP - Ranzeth

**What happened?**Op4 was camping the start points of Lawless Cyro Starter - with svs and a base I believe.

**Why did it happen?**It’s Op4 tradition?


The outcome:

  1. it is legal to camp as long as you don’t have 50 playhours in the new season (check rule 2.1)
  2. but we will update the Prisons to be able to warp back to the Clone Chamber and pick another Biome. Just in case.
  3. I implemented (because of overcrowded) the command “egs:spawn” also on Alliance-Cryo and Lawless-Cryo to be able to spawn once a free tiny SV to leave the planet fast.
  4. If all of that sucks but you still want Lawless as Origin: just reset to Prototype and decide for Lawless at the Decision POI. Then you get teleported to Lawless-HQ => PvE

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Server: EU

Type of Offence Committed:
7.1 Do not tackle other ships with your ships! This notion of ‘tackling’ is considered an exploit, and is an ILLEGAL tactic when used intentionally to disable or hinder movement of a vessel.

Time/Date of offence: 22:53 - 22:56 15-09-2015

Player/Faction accused: [RED] Darkside

Player Faction reporting: GCGN

What happened? Darkside tackled Goblin when entering into donator planet atmosphere of EARTH2.
You can see Goblin warped into the sector at the start and the tackles start at [1.20 on the video] in the atmosphere while goblin was entering our planets to prevent him from entering.

Why did it happen? The intention was to chase Goblin into our atmosphere and stop him dead in his tracks by bumping him like a whale from the underside to stop him reaching the planet before the server restart.

Please see time slot 1.20 on the video to see Darkside hitting Goblins ship and the speed drops right down on each contact.


Outcome: Athmospheres in Empyrion are buggy. If you leave your cockpit, you die. If you dock, you die. If you see 1:18 you get stuck even from full speed to 0. That way Darkside could catch up and used you as break. Also make sure to check the full spectrum of the tackling rule:

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Server: EU

Type of Offence Committed: fly turrets on hv

Time/Date of offence: 02/10/2018

Player/Faction accused: FCE

Player Faction reporting: RED

What happened? fly turrets on hv

Outcome: As @Israel said: the ships were originally designed as battlements. You shot them down and claim now floating turrets…

After further investigation:
All of these HVs were the same blueprint — battlements as I said

Destroyed 02.10. from 9-11pm from OPG and RED

The pilots from the attack were almost RED

Last but not least, to stop wasting my time with such silly stuff I reference our HWS Rules:

Everyone from RED lost 50 RP.
All 10 Pilots from yesterday are set to guilty and their Recycle Level is back to 1 again.


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Server : (NA)

Type of Offence Committed: (Grieving)

Time/Date of offence: (Roughly/10/21/18 ofc accurate1am EST)

Player/Faction accused : (TCB)

Player Faction reporting: (PSY/Psythe)

What happened? (TCB and maybe other factions put 4 CV’s to entirely blockade my hangar doors on my Bunker on Juniper planet. The planet turned PvE today and I believe these actions are sabotage and straight up cruel. I may be their enemy but they have gone 2 far.)

Why did it happen? (I’ve been fighting TCB and there alliance on GG for a week and now they are mad at me.)

Evidence: (


The outcome: Destroyed the grief structures. I know why Tripwire did that but nobody should go out and play justice by himself - especially breaking with that other rules. Griefing during PvE is not ok at all, no matter what. That is not how HWS works. As a one time “warning” he is guilty now. There won’t be a next time hopefully.

Server : (EU/)

Type of Offence Committed: (killed in pve)

Time/Date of offence: (03.11 time 00-20)

Player/Faction accused : (BRD roboo)
Player Faction reporting: (OPG Nas Svet)

What happened? (I was killed by a roboо while I was at a trader in black market on a freelancer.the backpack was taken by him.there were many valuable things in it.)

Why did it happen? (I took the trader and walked away, came back and the character is already dead)

Evidence: (no)

Outcome: Evidence: (no). No Evidence, no crime. As long as it’s not in the starter system, taking backpacks is legal.

What happened? I attacked their base on HW and killed 2 of them before I died and home spawned and like usual they are harassing me but to higher extents.

Why did it happen? I am trying to raid there bases and fighting them so they are mad.


Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Offensive Language

Time/Date of offence: 11/3 12:05am

Player/Faction accused : Vcross “I think hes in TAW”

Player Faction reporting: PSY

The outcome: @VCross got a warning with this. I don’t know all the details but I know, there are mostly 2 participants in such discussions. Keep the salt level low please. The bugs are already disturbing enough.

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Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Offensive/Abusive Language

Time/Date of offence: November 3rd - 19:20

Player/Faction accused : Kib - PrezCamacho
Player Faction reporting: ACP - Ranzeth

What happened? Prez has been making many jokes about sleeping with my mother, as well as filling chat with offensive language against other players in the past. I asked him a week ago to stop, but he continues to do so.

Why did it happen? I must have hurt his feelings in a past season.


Outcome: We are at that moment of a season already? @Doppler aka Prez aka Upgrayedd impersonation poser: you have 1200+ playhours on HWS and really only looking for confrontation? The last 7 day ban didn’t wonder you why? Did not contact me? This 7 day ban now is the absolute last chance to get “clean” again. If it doesn’t help, get help somewhere else.

Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Offensive language and offensive ship

Time/Date of offence: 11/3/2018 09:57 EST

Player/Faction accused :Kib faction: player name : Prez Commancho

Player Faction reporting: Mag Faction : Player name : Pjams

What happened? in a nutshell he owed me money ingame so i would try to ask for it when he was on, eventually he made an antisemitic joke, im not even religious, but thats no way to speak to anyone. He, aswell as owns a cv which looks like a uhh… well i have video and screenshots…

Why did it happen? (Did you do anything to cause? Are you totally innocent?)

Evidence: (antisemite https://www youtube com /watch?v=BYfHQ-EOgXc
The outcome: Oh, didn’t read this before I answered above. It’s a stacking system. @Doppler let’s add better +7 days to total of 14 days ban. Just to make sure.
Edit: checking more logs I also had to reset your player mate. We have no tolerance for such behavior.
So please respect our rules, if you start over from zero again in 14 days.

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Post a crime with evidence here. We will check it neutral then. Everything else gets this reminder again:

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