2. Fairplay & Gameplay

This topic will contain a table of contents

1. Stealing / Infiltration / Sabotage

1.1 Backpacks: You are NOT allowed to steal backpacks or structures from players on PvE Starter Playfields (planets and orbits). This rule only applies to PvE Starter Playfields, not PvP Starter Playfields.

1.2 Blueprints: You are allowed to capture the blueprints of other players (in PvP) and use them on HWS (this includes selling them via HWS Garage), but you may NOT post the blueprints in the public space (Workshop, Discord, Steam for example). It is still their intellectual property. You must ask for and receive their permission before doing so.
This affects especially our HWS Blueprints. If you blueprint a Penthouse or POI, you are not allowed to share it in any way outside of HWS! This will be punished heavily since incredible amount of time, intellectual property and efforts are went into HWS specific blueprints.

1.3 Intra-faction Gameplay: If you think you have a thief in your own faction, it is YOUR responsibility to protect / keep track of your property and assets. HWS CAN’T help with intra-faction gameplay (ie. internal faction politics), being that there are so many players.

1.4 Sabotage and / or Infiltration: You are not allowed to sabotage and / or infiltrate other factions. If clear proof and evidence is provided, we may investigate suspected violations of this rule.

Possible Punishment: Prison / Guilty / Ban / Loss of Game Progress

2. Griefing & Ammo Draining

2.1 Do not grief!

2.2 Players on Pirate-Cryo-X with over 50 playhours after a fresh wipe are forced to leave the system or at least not visit the planet anymore to ‘farm noobs!’

2.3 Faction Tags (Abbrev.) can be quite fundamental for some players / organizations. If your only intention after a full wipe is to steal their faction tag, we consider this to be griefing and will remove you from that faction. In doing so, we will first check your history and try to communicate with you beforehand.

2.4 Do not ammo drain enemies!

  • anything over 10 deaths within a short time frame is considered excessive and is ammo draining.

2.5 Do not stay for too long in the NPC Trader menu, preventing other players from having trader access! If you get reported for doing this too often and for too long, we will check the logs and take action. Use common sense and be courteous / considerate.

Possible Punishment: Prison / Guilty / Temp Ban / Loss of Game Progress

3. Warp Camping

3.1 Do not warp camp. The warp entrance area is about 3 square km (randomness +/- 1.5km.) This is a TRANSIT-ONLY ZONE – so you MUST be moving or refueling/remapping.

3.2 Supergates only are excluded from this rule. They have a 6x6x6 km warp area you get randomly warped in. (Hint: when you warp by using a supergate, be prepared!).

Possible Punishment: Temp Ban / Seizure / Prison / Guilty / Loss of Game Progress

4. Offline Protection (OP)

4.1 No alternate / family share accounts are allowed to have offline protected Bases (private / faction) on hotspot playfields. Offline protected bases are defined as Bases with an Offline Protection Device built in.

4.2 You are NOT allowed to use an Offline Protection (OP) Device on a private structure (BA/CV). You have to set that structure to faction!

Possible Punishment: Temp Ban / Seizure / Prison / Guilty / Loss of Game Progress

5. Multiple Accounts / Faction splitting

5.1 We allow up to 1-3 accounts (family share or alternative accounts) on HWS. However, you are not allowed to use these multiple accounts to sabotage, infiltrate others, gain massive personal advantage (fa:supply, etc.) from them or employ other abuses derived from having them.

5.2 You are not allowed to split a big faction into smaller to circumvent our Limit system (gain more vessels to steamroll the enemy)

Possible Punishment: Loss of Game Progress on All Accounts / Temp ban / Perma ban

6. Illegal items

6.1 You are not allowed to acquire, possess, use, trade or sell any illegal items. If you discover an illegal item (Examples: debug tools/weapons, exceeds normal stack size, etc.). Do not pick it up ---- report it immediately to HWP, Admins, Rex or Jascha.

Possible Punishment: Auto Ban / Loss of Game Progress

7. Tackling / Docking

7.1 Do not tackle other ships with your ships! This notion of ‘tackling’ is considered an exploit, and it is an ILLEGAL tactic when used intentionally and frequently to disable or hinder the movement of a vessel.

More info
  • Note: When reporting violations, please include ENTIRE video evidence (Screenshots are not sufficient evidence). Video evidence that you clip not showing the entire fight will not be used. It is on the accuser to provide complete evidence. Please provide timestamps of the REPEATED collisions.

Tackling is the REPEATED attempt of one ship to stop another ship’s movement. If you change directions and collision occurs, that is your fault and theirs. If you are going toward someone who is also going toward you and you collide even if you turn your ship around at the last minute and you both collide, it is both parties’ fault. Tackling is one ship clearly not moving toward another ship and the other ship colliding REPEATEDLY into you. Last but not least, this rule only applies if you get forcefully pinned down for a long time so the enemy can destroy your ship preventing you from doing anything.

7.2 Do not dock your SV to enemy CVs. Due to bad game mechanics, this will instantly stop a ship and the enemy can’t do anything about it. It’s worse offense than ramming / tackling.

Possible Punishment: Seizure / Prison / Guilty / Loss of Game Progress / Temp Ban

8. Illegal Building / Spawning

8.1 You are not allowed to clip anything inside bases.

8.2 You are not allowed to use the Filler Tool in any way on or around existing buildings & structures.

8.3 Bases: Bases may be constructed using the ‘N connect — Attach to Base’ feature. For example – turrets, core, solar panels may be built or placed using ‘N connect’. Separated sections of a base (a base is everything that is attached to the same base core block) may be built using ‘N connect’. Turrets may be placed on bare ground. (Note: you may not overlap or clip blocks or devices from multiple — that is two or more bases).

8.4 Vessels (CV, SV, HV): Floating turrets, devices, blocks, or any combinations thereof are not permitted. All devices and blocks of a vessel must be attached one to the other.

8.5 You are NOT allowed to build / spawn your structures near resource asteroids in PvE space

8.6 You are NOT allowed to build / spawn / fly your structures Inside of asteroids or Inside POIs and park them there (within the bounding box).

8.7 Lag Engineering.
DO NOT build structures with the intent to create lag for other players. (i.e. excessive lights, thrusters, triangles, etc.) Structures reported for possibly being created to generate lag will be examined by admins and decisions will be made & actions taken on a case-by-case basis.

8.8 Proximity Alert Decoy.
DO NOT build proximity alert decoys only with Flares or other Devices, which have a bad render distance. Make sure to use regular blocks for them. DO NOT change the center of your object by moving the core or other things away as well. The HUD marker needs to be directly bound to your object.

Possible Punishment: Removal of Structure(s) / Guilty / Ban / Loss of Game Progress

9. Living in PvP

9.1 With the exception of Fairplay Rules, Bugs and Exploiting, almost all bets are off in PvP playfields, and you should be prepared to risk it all if you dare to venture there.

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