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Hmm I like the idea of bunkers, because they increase the chance of planets sustaining life, instead of removing them it would be nice to make them more available to everyone.

Something like 2mil for a bunker for 1 week, so that its a smaller initial investment, this will allow players to earn more after this investment making it easier for them to pay for the 2nd week and so on.

The bunker designs are amazing, but it might be too much space, as it removes the need to build 2nd and 3rd base.

In my own opinion It would be amazing if a bunker had 1 Advanced Constructor and 5 double box storage, just enough for backup supplies and a spot for 1 parked garage ship. This way it would encourage the bunker owner to build their 2 BA limit around their bunker to protect it. And if their base is destroyed at least they still have the stuff in their bunker to start up again.

Yes 1 Advanced Constructor and 5 storage isn’t enough for a any faction but that’s the point :stuck_out_tongue: so that they need to build more for it to be enough ^_^.

Not sure if this is already a thing, but it would be nice if bunker location could be randomized and you would be really lucky to end up on GG.

Could be quite interesting with 20+ factions all having their own bunkers all over the universe it would definitely liven up pvp quite a bit without the fear of loosing absolutely everything after a fight.


Having the gold crust to mine is amazing I wont lie :smiley: but the deformation is a massive problem but logically the only reason the deformation is a problem is because its taking away from the height-map and causing extra geometry layered on top. Would it be possible to spawn an indestructible terrain using a height-map then adding deposits on top in the form of a few mountains. This way when players mine all the mountains they will be reducing the extra detail and improving the “lag”.

Also by having resources (Mountains) only in certain places it would improve base location strategy, having people fighting more over richer spots. With this kind of setup it would be possible to give each planet their own resource and making more planets viable for living. (mentioned by someone else earlier.)

The indestructible terrain will also help with the shooting through ground bug, but the only problem I see is that people will lower their core into the indestructible terrain, Is their a way to see core location automatically every time a base is deployed and instantly destroying the base if the core is below ground, would teach people not to cheat without the need for admins to come running with people calling exploits xD

Maybe you need to update me but we tested even a normal planet without any resource crust and you still had disconnects.

If you mean instead the wallpaper bug (you can’t login anymore) that is new and worked on and has nothing to do with the crust of a planet.

Maybe mistyped but NOT NOW, in HWS 8, maybe…

About the Bunkers… yeah well… we had it initially nailed but then more and more people wanted more and more.
Before HWS 8 we do a separate “Bunker focus” discussion again I think.

Indestructible Terrain… well yes… I’m sick of crap like yesterday.
I just know one thing for fact: if we go for that for PvP planets we will have the same complains about not able to have tunnel wars or whatever.
So I can’t please everyone and I’m tired of it now.


A much smaller bunker in HWS 8 with 1 adv cstr, 5 cargo boxes, 1 repair, 1 oxygen sounds like a good way to go. I’d like to see no vehicle bay in HWS 8. Then 2 BA limit on GG and HW (or whatever the hotspots happen to be for PvP) and normal limit for other planets.

A larger number available at a weekly cost if its easy to code into HWS Connect might be cool but if its not something easy to code not worth the time.

As for the crust, it really needs to be balanced. On both GG and HW. We need to see how much you mine in an hour using an identical ship between deposits, meteorites, and the crust.

The deposit should give you way more than the crust or meteorites. These need to be scaled correctly in the number available each week. My reasoning for making them the most per hour is that they are finite. These should be PvP hotspots and making them worth going and getting as soon as the server wipes would create that mini pvp hotspot. If you can have the wipe happen Friday evening on EU and Friday evening on NA that would be ideal. I think I read that you couldn’t separate reboots and if that is the case then do it Friday Evening NA / Saturday Morning EU (if my timezone differences are correct, if not switch it to Friday EU evening and NA Saturday morning).

Then we need to balance meteorites versus crust mining with deposits amount in mind. Crust mining is the easiest so I’d like to see it be the least gain per hour. The reason I want to see meteorites be the most between the two is you have to spend time driving from one to the next one and its random on which type you will get. Plus it is way more dangerous to mine meteorites than it is crust near you BA or on the mantle. Risk versus reward.

It would be awesome if PvP meteorites, crust, and deposits were more than PvE. Risk versus Reward.

Yeah, I apparently misread the bit about when bunkers would come out, so that’s not so bad.I’d suggest taking them completely out instead of scaling them farther and farther away from “ideal” planets each time.

I didn’t know that people would be upset about not being able to have tunnel wars either, the idea’s cool in theory. but with how terrain and weapons work, I’d personally suggest stability first. I’ll digress on that matter further though, as it seems to be a point of contention, and I’m not here to stir the pot.

Tunnel wars are over, with AG active, the tunneling stops as soon as someone drops a starter BA.


@RexXxuS Please reconsider the gold layer removal on Homeworld. I feel this change is not needed, its at the bottom of the layers, so its not easiest thing to mine without mining a ton of MAG.

If other factions are complaining because they didnt get a bunker on homeworld, its a lottery. Not everyone is a winner. But the main reason to consider not removing the layer of gold is because the play field on Golden Golbe was crashed other night for hours, forcing everyone to move there for gold may have unintended consequences. Like crashing that play field lol


I’m glad to see that the bases are getting nerfed in some way or another. I think the turrets are very overpowered now since the recent patch over. Less bases = less turrets = less overpowered. Still overpowered but less to deal with anyway.

Is removing the gold from homeworld a request from ACP, because they didn’t get a bunker on homeworld?

Thanks for fixing the am:fuel:all command. I’m curious to see the realignment of the donator spaces.

See i sit in the boat that bunkers should just be rid, i remember going near one, my turrets shooting the bunker whilst the tower said team built next to the bunker destroyed my HV as my HV was to busy trying to destroy the bunker…im sorry im just not a fan of it and feels it makes it slightly unfair, so heres to hoping they get scrapped!

Main issue that I see lately is market flooded with gold, epics and there are not enough armors. Also what about CV mining can we make it more efficient so we can see great Cv battles again? Also gold is way too easy to get. So keeping it only to GG and black hole and maybe some areas for space mining should be fine. Some feedback from the pois. You can enter most of those with small SVs. Number of enemies should be reduced and sv entrance blocked just like 6.0 pois. Or maybe we could use some anti SV turrets inside pois.

Well now that gold has been decided and taken off Homeworld, how about a change we should all be able to agree on?

Disable base turrets from manual fire. With the increased range of flak turrets (which is now outrageous) then using manual fire to get the max range, now bases are being used offensively, instead of being an actual ‘base’ of operations. So far I have counted 8-9 bases, being used primarily offensively. Automatic turrets are broken at longer ranges, only manual fire turrets will function and hit. So either reduce the range of turrets to match the automatic turret aggro or disable manual fire of base turrets.

Thanks for the overall feedback guys! Glad to see the participation.

So the current state after some thoughts:

  • again: Bunkers are NOT removed now or on Friday! This will be discussed before HWS 8 is gonna be released
  • 2 faction Bases on Homeworld instead of 10.
  • Since it’s the first time since 3 HWS versions that my goal is reached that Homeworld is the most active planet, I’ll not change too much about it. Still the gold crust will be reduced from 3 to 1 meter and put at the very bottom. Gold Deposits will be reduced though. Golden Globe should also have a value still! Especially with the switch with Zirax Home

Thanks again for the feedback. I see how I can improve your points also @Sayak


ACP never requested a bunker… Real men don’t bunker we accept the loss and move on

ps thats a joke :slight_smile:

So you just bought a bunker I take it?

Patch is done! @everyone

Changelog of HWS Patch

  • Homeworld Faction Bases from 10 to 2

  • Homeworld Gold nerf (deposit + meteorites + resource crust)

  • Switch universe location Zirax Home <> Black Hole

  • Repositioned Donator planets for equal distance

  • Iceworld added Erestrium resource crust

  • Desertworld added Neodymium resource crust

  • Lavaworld added Zascosium resource crust

  • Waterworld added Pentaxid resource crust

  • Lyra added Copper resource crust

  • Zirax HQ added Magnesium resource crust

  • Zirax Armory added Iron resource crust

  • Videl added Cobalt resource crust

  • Son G added Promethium resource crust

  • Ori added Sathium resource crust

  • Fia added Silicon resource crust

  • GIGA Donator planet restricted to UnP and changed (again, russian communication problem)