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Hey @everyone,

@Jascha is at the moment in vacation and coming back at ~friday and I am driving with my motorcycle now to my family and stay there until monday. You can imagine that in that time not the full support can be given and hopefully you let @DeeExpus, @Starglade and @Apona alive!

HWS NPC Trader

I updated almost every HWS NPC Trader and also redesigned the information page about them:

I wanted to simplify things and hope it’s a lot better this way. The prices are now merged together. Some too expensive, some too cheap.
The idea of that is

a) RP costs and daily limits can catch the ball
b) The Delivery System has its price
c) RP will be even more valuable soon again

New OP rule

At the moment the PvP community are discussing heavily the Anti Grief and Offline Protection topic. We all know it is not perfect yet.

To have at least a temporary “solution” we don’t allow private bases anymore with Offline Protection! Offline Protection devices MUST be set to faction!

If we get reports or find private OP bases (the well known “OP Towers”) we will destroy them without warning.


My todo list is very long and after recent days, trying to calm down from the Alpha 7 patch a bit a lot will be coming as soon as I am back (and hopefully refreshed). SORRY you have to wait so long but THANKS for any patience you can show:

  • Regeneration of ALL POIs. Some cool new methods are available for us now

  • Adjustment of resources around the universe. Giving new player a better chance to gather rare resource while giving veterans more reasons to spread out

  • Finalization of my started “EGS Resource Depot Hunt” PDA mission

  • HWS NPC Trader Delivery System

  • Overall HWS Connect boost

  • New and a lot more donation options with quite unique mechanics

Stay tuned please. It’s really nice to see that so many players are playing again on HWS and the feedback of HWS 7 is quite good so far. We can now improve all what we have instead of reinventing stuff.

HWS Personal Assistant Program

Last but not least I want to bring up one quite cool topic and see how it envolved when I’m back.
It’s called HWS “Personal Assistant” Program and is different to the HWS Police or HWS Watcher program which is coming also when I am back.

As a “PA”

  • you are counted as internal HWS tester
  • you can get sneak previews of upcoming features, universes etc. before the others
  • you have a vote to change features or other things
  • you are basically involved in many “hidden” things behind the scence

  • you have to contribute actively to the HWS Community such as helping new people
  • you have to be active and work a bit like a “Community Manager”, being present on forums, Discord etc.
  • you are not new to HWS. Either your playhours decide or your overall attitude towards HWS

I think we tried already a lot in the past to get the Community involved as good as possible while still giving sometimes the special “surprise” moment when releasing new stuff. I think this is and will be always important.
But more brains can do more things. And if the spirit to improve HWS is split along more people better things can happen overall.

What do you think?

Thanks again for all your support!
Stay strong. Fly safe.

Your HWS Team


I bought an NPC merchant a year ago. Profits are not present! This is the most unfortunate idea

The market is a bit broken atm, but if you make a good commercial (without spamming) and “remind” the people of the NPC-Traders you will gain more profit. The other thing is, listen to your potential customers what they want in your package. If you adjust it right, more people will buy it. For example the amazing UST-NPC-Package on EU. Take a look, it fullfills a lot of peoples needs. If you want to build a production side or fasten your factory, want to build a sweet ride or need some stuff to survive, there is something for all. And as a side effect, every part of the UST-Package is “consumable” - the furnaces and generators are perfect to speed up your factory when you want to build a blueprint.

The only complaint I have is again innocent by the rules players are going to suffer at the hands of cheaters. Because some groups have to cheat to win by using every exploit they have now people that are in big factions have to suffer by leaving their bases completely helpless if any one faction member is online anywhere on the server. This is very unfair to those that play the game as its meant to be played. Just ban or punish the cheaters and please lets not have rules that effect everyone because of the bad apples.

Rex you are doing you very best and imo have the best Empyrion server currently in the NA region. I just hate to see that between the devs and HWS innocent players suffer because of cheater.

That is actually a really good deal… All the American NPC traders sell things at prices that are insane… good job… I will be visiting soon.

Hey just for your information:

A7.3 should come around noon, so in the next 3-4 hours.
In the worsed case you might have to wait a bit until we can update.
I should be home around prime time to make the update in the worsed case.

Sorry for the inconvinience.