HWS pre 7th July update!

U donor for goodness, or for ruining? if those planets hurts server performance, than their transfer got some sense?..

Lets take a look: all those planets, full of useless stuff. Tons of structures spawned only for taking server place.

Example: beggining of 5th version, we comes 3 vs 6 to fight PKA. We catch them while they fight with other faction and make fight. We got 4 of them, and 2 run back on their Donator planet. After 20 min, they return with 12 (!!!) CV… We got backup and continue… they lost another 2 ships, and after 5 min we saw 2 comming from dat planet…

Try to count HOW many CV for so short period of time?
After that day, we check their planet for short time, and find 10+ BA with 30++ CV … But they still got some BA and CV in deep Space. Try to count all of those useless structures, which permanent stay on planet. And that only 1 (!!!) Example. But we got more than one Donator planet, yes?

As for me - u got dat planet, free and safe for u. But its useless for server and other players. U just waste server performance, for parking structures. If u talking about donate, for goodness - make sure u wouldnt ruin game experience for others.

If u speak truly to yourself, u would mention, that donator playfields - the most dead playfields on server. They are interesting ONLY for donator faction, and only like parking-zone.


To be fair to Rex and the owners of this server, this has been on the donation page since ive ever been here:

to everyone interested:

Lets keep in mind Donations are not “purchases of goods or services”. They are donations fit for helping keep the server running and made voluntarily, and as a result of the donation, you get access to perks. To keep up with the game, the community, the meta, the perks HAVE to evolve. Even airline loyalty programs change their programs up with your hard earned miles… you could argue you “bought” those miles with a ticket, but thats not how it works.

Perhaps there are lessons in “easing in” major nerfs and changes to donation award structures; however nobody is happy to take a nerf, so is it better to get nerfed 10 times over 10 seasons and feel “its going down hill” or is it better to rip the bandaid off and get on with it. ADDING BACK is always an option if the meta dictates it so.

Everyone’s feedback here is valid and good feedback, whether they have donated or not, whether they own planets or not, and in some cases, whether they are raging or not. This is how a hollistic perspective is created and favor is not given to one side over another. The more concise and constructive you make it, the easier it is to integrate YOUR feedback in the future of this server. I hope you do see that many of these changes are a direct result of your prior feedback; so your voices do matter. But do consider that sometimes, picking out the nugget of wisdom you are trying to share amidst the tons of mud being slung in a rage fit can make the delivery ineffective and sometimes the intended points are missed.

Please do keep the feedback loops alive and open! And thank you as ever for your support!

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Let’s put it this way and say yes it is a nerf if you had no choice but to accept it, what would you request in compensation on these planets to balanced it back in ways of buffs? Maybe a 2nd poi or maybe one of those bank heist poi’s spawning every 4 hours or so on your planet so you can run one without getting owned by gankers. With the donator planets being on a different server extra poi’s won’t really make too much difference performance wise and its not really unfair as they now respawn on the normal server with the added difficulty of being ganged, a buff to convenience and safety without being unfair seems to be fine I don’t think anyone would complain about that.

ROFL… should be … “I received a “gift” as a result of a “donation” and now i want to cry cause i failed to ready the fine print…”

I donated for HWS NA. I did not donate to HWS EU. I did not donate to some new sanctuary server.

I expect my rewards for my donations to stay on the server I donated. NOWHERE in the clause posted
by admin Hop did it provide justification for changing any reward once a PURCHASE has been made. Only that
the donation system could be changed. This implies the system could indeed be changed but not the rewards
especially retroactively. Nowhere does it imply your reward could or would be moved to an entirely different

Again I reiterate no dialogue was opened between planet owners and admins. This never took place.
Any party other than Admins and planet owners shouldn’t even be involved in the discussion.
No compensation was offered such as returning resource types.

How many of us planet owners would have made the PURCHASE if we knew our planets would be
packed into a separate server after having paid money for it to be on the server you play? How many
of us do you think will continue to donate. Usually when I post there is a line of those vets who disagree
with everything I say spamming their responses. Their silence in this thread is deafening. I’d wager you’ll
notice their disgust by a significant drop in veteran players donating.

NEWS FLASH - CSW is so busted your rep resets when you use it. This wasn’t fixed as of yesterday.
There are other issues involving CSW that are game breaking. I wont discuss it here but Admins
were made aware. Now access to my planet hinges on a broken CSW system.

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Since it seems an ongoing topic some clarifications and stop to it:

  1. donation packages / features can change at any time. This includes price, content, conditions, everything. Also another server in this case. There is no guarantee that it stays as you donated for it. That was said since day 1 on the website and is valid all the time. A donation again is by any means voluntary and so you agreed to the “can change at any time” rule

  2. In the first place it was not you I received the money from. It was AsherGrey. Technically I have no proof that money got transferred behind my back between you and him. Just as an information since on EU we had some issues with this topic where people claimed they own the planet but the real owner never got any money from them and wondered why his planet is so different after he came back after 6 month break.

  3. Compensation in general was announced with the change of runtime: HWS Donation rework part III since the season change was a BIG change. Moving the donator planets to a third server (which costs 125 dollar per month by the way) is NOT a BIG change. Since CSW is as smooth as we could technically implement. Furthermore the “compensation” was done by giving you a third OAM and a third OCD which is in summary a much higher compensation than the previous 50% refund of the paid server in the long run.

  4. I tested your complain about RP resets today couple of hours and it didn’t reset in a single case. RP got always transferred correctly and I mentioned it once again in the guide what gets transferred and what not:
    HWS Features - Cross Server Warp (CSW)

  5. The only inconvenient problem at the moment is that you lose your groupnames and signal logic stuff after the warp for example. That is in progress for the Eleon Devs to fix it.
    That your fuel and o2 gets set to 0 can be declared as CSW cost. In the end you can bypass this anyways by withdraw it before the jump, even if it’s inconvenient.

So after all by looking not only at the donators but to the overall performance, gameplay and satisfaction of a 700+ active HWS memberbase that was for now the best decision we could made.
However the disclaimer is always the same:
We test this new system and see if it works. Everything can change and our last intention is to screw anybody. We make sure to set everything in the best balance we can. However - never ever can we make everyone happy.

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You can detect when a new player logs into the server for the first time right? I see all those green welcome messages always popping up in global still. Just have an empty single starter planet for all to land on if they do try to create a new char on one of the main servers, spawn them inside a POI with locked doors that has an LCD that reads, ‘please choose HWS Sanctuary from the Eleon server list to begin your character on a Starter Planet. HWS NA/EU are for returning players only.’

I would still think there would be a way to pre-emptively detect a new player account when they first try to login and provide a pop up on the Eleon loading screen that would re-direct them with a popup message to roll on HWS Sanctuary.

Also I still do like the idea of having an admin core space station. That could still be a separate option for current old planet donators if they don’t want to mess with the CSW hassle. Maybe also have that as a separate donation for like $30/season or something?

Just let them provide the BP, then spawn the BP like 15 km out from the donator’s origin planet so they don’t get rendered whenever ppl warp in. Put a little 2 km PvE box around them so they can be used for accessing OCD and your ships could stay safe from enemy fire there.

I know a big turn off for a lot of ppl on this game for some is having to constantly go back and forth 60k into deep space over and over and over. After you do it 100x…yeah it just gets boring playing a game where you have to alt-tab out for 30 min anytime you want to logout with your ship. And @AlexAKM already laid out how planet donator factions have a huge advantage where they don’t have to go through any of this.

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you rather play game in server that is unplayable or play enjoyable with server that have no lag, crashes and bugs ?? Splitting universe in separate servers is best decisions in history, in my honest opinion, i would have done it even more extend about consern of starter planets and keep big universe. Class limit to 3 is also good, those big laggy ships only seen using pirates, 9 times from 10 ships that meet, is something else.

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PVP much lately??? LAG? 1-3 FPS??? Constant disconnect???

I think the the game has a LONG way to go before you can claim that statement… 1 CV, 4 SV’s vs. 1-2 Bases and NOTHING but the above example… was a total shit show. I seriously doubt the server was the issue, spreading things off to other servers is great overall performance gain, and i agree… BUT… the core PVP net code needs serious work sadly :frowning:

didnt you read carefully ? Read again, whole sentence. Seems like you did not understand the context it was sayd,. now those problems is even without any PvP. thats why changes of this is welcome,there is only some you can do, others is Eleon works, who have much to do on pvp wise, and there was not even mentioned, pvp, question was overall performance and actually on aswer to other who dont want any change, so personally i dont understand that rage about those changes

I searched around the forum and found this post by Achilles from January that seems to sum up some people’s mindsets here. You donated money to support a cause. You did not buy additional features or special treatment on the server, regardless of whether or not that’s how you see it. Saying “I won’t ever donate again unless I get THIS” is completely useless and serves only to piss off/frustrate the people serving you. I truly cannot understand how the Admins handle the constant negativity from certain people who only want to serve themselves. If you DONATED money to a server, playing a game in ALPHA, and did not expect that things would change or that some of your “purchased” features may not be viable forever, that seems like a you problem, not an admin problem.

Really, I hope there’s a silent majority that feel this way: THANK YOU Rexxxus, Jascha, Achilles, Hopskotch and the HWS staff for your work. I like some changes, dislike some others, and realize that compromises are a necessity.


yeah i get your meaning… all I was saying was that the shuffling of playfileds on/off of various servers wont fix the underlying issues, and as I like to PVP for me and others, that kind was meant as a blanket statement our our breed of players and was really saying not much will change for us. Still won’t be able to have fun under any circumstance till PVP is fixed and DC’s and FPS is fixed… hard to line up a shot in an SV when you are assaulting a slideshow

I I am going to make another post and I do hope everyone reads it. People may misunderstand my post ect. I have zero problems with admins and the people behind HWS (HOP HELP! lol) I only lack time to devote to the server is all and maybe at some point time will be freed up and I will be on more. I keep my ship designs close to my vest like lots of you do. However I am having real trouble um making a “ship” larger then a class 4 that is an actual ship and not designed to cause lag and or other pvp advantages. Flame away if you like that’s fine. I know programming and hardware period end of story and if you want me to change my mind drop your blue prints on the table for inspection and win me over. I really do like many of you and a few of you well yeah what ever. That being said and over coming some egos that drove some of my friends away from HWS I love the server. I wish the faction system was open to conversation and ideas would be heard but I love the server. I have ran many many servers as my friend has as well. Minecraft tribes all kinds of servers. I would try to be a admin but I already have limited time. If you need a pinch hitter guy let me know. Other then that I read the arguments and all the hoopla shit and yes I said shit posted here. Now in reality I may be a crap builder time will tell but I bring that up because I thought what can I do to help HWS above and beyond donations. I can attempt to drive people to our fine virtual shores! What I have done is dedicate some hours ugh hours… to what I call The Mamba designed to look pimp and meet the class 3 restriction. You may hate it but I smell prefab 6??? I in a few hours will publish The Mamba to the workshop with a attempt to not only advertise myself but the HWS server itself. If anyone from HWS wants to review this fine lady or contest the promotion of HWS through this ship please inform me right away. If anyone from HWS wants to type something up for a promotion to add to the post I am open to it. Another words I did what the server owners did, saddled up to the table opened my tool kit and created in a hopes to do my little part to give back. If you want to hate on ma ship feel free. If you want to continue complaining feel free. If you want to head to another server feel free. Me I am not tickled as my previous posts stated about specific things however I am willing to hang myself in the wind and be trolled just to see if I can help my favorite server. If you like my lady and want to help promote the HWS Mamba get on board!

The fantastic builders in the AAA faction have already class 3’d their main CVs. In one case the class3 is actually bigger than its class 4 version! Specific mention goes to @SwissSteel1 for that.

Looking forward to season 2 - or season 1+ whichever it is :slight_smile:

Yea at first I thought it would be impossible to class 3 my huge c4 but It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Sorry if this is repeated but what time does the server reset ? Est?

Ive heard July 6th at midnight, is this true?

@RexXxuS Please check my chara logs. Last time I CSW from NA to EU and back I lost 39 rep. It’s also
the same time I noticed the bug I reported.

Everyone received the 3rd OAM and OCD. So that precludes it from being compensation to planet owners
who had the physical and in game values of their planets reduced. Compensation for planet owners would be
something only they would receive for their monetary commitment to HWS. Perhaps reverting these planets to
the previous resources available would be just compensation. A one resource rock on a storage server is not
what anyone expected when they donated.

@Niewitch I don’t have many issues since I upgraded to a new gaming rig. I continue to smash when
others lose connection. This indicates that these issues many experience are a result of their PC not
the server. Colin2Coldd will verify this as he uses my new rig when I’m not. In fact the only playfields
I have issues in is Home world. Most likely from the amount of BA and CV parked out in deep space
while other playfields sit empty.

The last good size fight I was in was on EU last week. Around a dozen CV smashing it out. People lost
connections or lagged out. My only issue was turrets weren’t firing. mcprouty explained it was at the limit.
I moved around with very little to no lag. Another indication that many issues are a result of player PCs and
not the server.

@ everyone. Is placing all the best PvPers and Player Factions on a deserted server really a good idea?
You think we will be there fighting each other? These factions are more likely to unite and share resources
to wage war on the EU and NA servers. You people who pushed for this because you didn’t have a donor
planet have just created Rome.

Then bring on rome and we will bring Odoacer!

If it is a similar weird issue as here then we see what was it / refund

But test it now again. I had no problem anymore.

In theory everyone but I don’t think that everyone would use it that often than you will.
Maybe we can boost the resource quantity for planet option 1 again. The meta will change a lot. Not sure yet.
Changes don’t are always nerfs. So stay tuned.

Can it be that you didn’t fully understand what the third server really stands for? Since I am reading “fighting” I am wondering.
The only fight which can happen on Sanctuary are the PvP orbits around the planets itself. Everything else is PvE or whatever the donator planet guys chosen.

Anyways since the Sanctuary is quite special we can make an exception of sharing the map. Here is a pre-version of it so you get the idea.

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My question of would the people who live in Sanctuary be fighting each other was rhetorical. It was
meant to highlight the fact we will more likely unite into an alliance of Sanctuary Factions that farm
the NA/EU servers for loot. Already each server has these powerful faction alliances, who occasionally
bump heads. Now we are together on the same server with two servers to pillage. Admin Achilles
suggested the servers needed an alien invasion so that’s how we will play it.

I may have spoken too soon on the resource availability of donor planets. I don’t want to go
back to the way it was. Perhaps the solution is a compromise. For example could a PvE
planet remain at 3 deposits but allow them to be multiple resource types. Too much is far worse for the
server than too little.