HWS pre 7th July update!

Hey @everyone,

alright here is a big update before the big “7th July” update.

Just a short reminder:

We full wipe on 7th July both servers to implement a new universe which will be a lot smaller and change a lot of other things along the way such as POIs, Weather, Resources, Missions, PDA, etc.

Most common question: what will be wiped?

the ONLY difference to any other full wipe is that you KEEP all of your Bank Credits now!

Refunds of HWS ships can be given only under certain conditions you have to claim and we have to check.

EGS Recycle level 5 for everyone

With the latest tool update everyone has now the ability of EGS Level 5! Read here what this means in detail:

REMEMBER: this is only temporary and a gentle compromise for the 50% reduction of season I runtime!

Elemental Bank Interest change

We changed the system how the Elemental Bank interest mechanic works! Couple of people reported a possible exploit with it so we changed it now as following:

  • you still have to visit the Bank per day once to get “Marked for interest”. The interest money however will now be paid out every day at 8/9 AM again.
    This system should be now a lot safer

Major HWS Connect improvement!

After a long time I spent a whole day to implement an API call from the forum guide straight away to the HWS Connect Information modals / popups!
This is huge and means no legacy information flying around here and there anymore! The information is fetched automatically straight away from the forum posts! If we update the forum guide it will automatically updated in HWS Connect!
I also added some more information modals such as Hunter Board and HWS Universe.

If this would be only possible with the PDA … :expressionless:

Third HWS server connected

Behind the scene we rented a new third HWS server which will be called “HWS Sanctuary”.
We decided to go the path of using this server as the place for Penthouses and Donator Planets - for both EU and NA.
This is a massive change but also a massive improvement of performance for the main servers.

That means CSW will be your best friend soon. (we made it possible to connect to X server within one orbit. Command examples: csw:start:eu | csw:start:na | csw:start:sanctuary)

Blueprint Restriction and other stuff

After tons of feedback we will go with Blueprint Class 3 for now. The advantages and community tends to Class 3, so we test it out. Some playfields will have higher limits for bases though.

Other than that a lot is going on in the background. The time is short but we know on what to focus now and what is important.
Other than any other HWS version this is a massive performance boost version. Like really. If this fails again we have tested and verified every scenario possible I guess.
So keep this in mind - don’t throw away your Class 4 blueprints etc. we are still in Alpha stage - also HWS - so this time is the best time for testing stuff and become stronger.

So yeah, we learned a lot from the 6.0 start but again are excited how it turns out on 7th july. We only know that we spent an incredible amount of time in providing you the best gameplay possible. We really try and even though we can’t make everyone happy, we hope that in the end we can grow together.

Your HWS Team


Q: Will the HWS connect tool for each player profile work consolidated across both servers ie: Main and Sanctuary? Not sure it currently does if you CSW between EU/NA? Or does it keep two separate profiles?

WE HAVE TO CSW TO DONOR/PENTHOUSE NOW??? That sounds terribly inconvenient.

In other words you are asking if I will integrate the HWS Sanctuary Server to HWS Connect or even if you have OCD etc. on HWS Sanctuary OR if you transfer OCD etc. with CSW?

Short answer: No

Long answer: HWS Sanctuary will be plain and simple. A hideout, a lovely silent hideout. Away from the OCD stress, etc.
However HWS Connect could be integrated BUT OCD is and always was separated per server so it would be worth at all, so we decided to have it plain. Your ships will transport all the cool stuff from the fight and you can lean back on Sanctuary to celebrate your victory… or cargo transport.

I recommend bold letters in combination with upper case. There are also different font sizes available…
Of course it is not as easy as pressing K but you are too late at the party. It was discussed already and we go that test now.

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Will we be able to access our orbital autominers on HWS Sanctuary?

… and if the tool is down I presume we wont be able to csw to the main servers?

As you might experienced the tool wasn’t down for a long time now. And the small universe, the third server escape, the blueprint class, etc. ALL of this pays out to more stability too

Having to CSW to get to my penthouse planet is already quite inconvenient and then we wont even be able to use ocd while were there? Seems like its not worth getting anymore.

Very good decisions @HWS team :smiley:

Specially the third server for donators / penthouses and BP class 3 restriction :grin:

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Lets stay positive though and embrace the changes. Its like playing a new game every few weeks… for free :wink: - unless you donate ofc.


Well maybe Penthouses along the reward planets can stay in the main servers as a little bonus but OCD, OAM, etc… it’s technically not possible I’m afraid.
(nothing new though - CSW from EU to NA is very old)

Looks good to me. Granted I’m a super duper new player…

One question, is there a planet map available or will that be revealed later?

So warp to CSW Zone (pve, ocd accessible) get what you need and come back. Better yet, we now are CLOSER to the market with donor/penthouse fields.

I know this is a really weird question but if i logged onto NA server by mistake took csw to sanctuary then went to EU will my EU account be overwritten by NA details, or do we only have 1 account now over all 3 servers.

OCD is not stressful. The HWS OCD and OAM are what players grind up and keep coming back for, they are the backbone, the entire point of remaining on the server. Players become invested in the supplies they have stored up and use to fuel their factions. Not being able to use our OCD and OAM at donor/penthouse is a huge downgrade to their usefulness. The donation price should theoretically reduce in lock step to reflect that downgrade. We have heard that CSW should be more stable, which sounds great, but if it experiences the same outages and bugs as it’s previous incarnation then you will have cargo ships full of supplies vanishing, going public, not warping with you, or just being marooned on either side of the border for the rest of an evening until it can be brought back up. ( I understand the desire to partition the load these planets put on the server, also that these donations are what pay for the server to run. ) I remain hopeful that the clear need for one will precipitate a work around to keep donor/penthouse from becoming little more than empty parking lots.


Just when i think you cant outdo yourself, you say something like this. You can say something like “hey, its gd hard to get it to work everywhere, so we just arent.” But stressful? OCD? Auto miner that your are stripping of all the auto cores we just put in them? Are you really that disconnected from the actual game?

You get butthurt so easily when people grumble about your decisions. Your server got popular simply because you have the OCD and autominer. Then you get defensive when we dont like the decisions forcing us to farm more. And yet another nerf to the donare planets.

Another thing Germans arent good at, sarcasm.

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This please :slight_smile: I understand having a separate server for donater planets given their number and since these planets will store all your CVs SVs bases etc.

if we can keep penthouse planet however in main that’ll be great. You can even keep it to only one planet, (I believe the total number of people still allows for one planet). It’s meant as a small hideout, I don’t know if I want to CSW every time I won’t to go there.

Fully supportive of all other changes!!

Edit: just to add one small note, if it’s meant as a small hideout and fallback but I can’t spawn in it when I die on main server, this defeats the entire purpose of it

That sound massiv good! Donator planets sux and do only Lags! So you could now build Sandcastles and dont kill the performance!


The occasional and, more often than not, easily remedied issue that would arise from having to CSW to use OCD/OAM seems minimal. I can’t understand how a personal planet with nearly infinite basic resources and safe environment can be thought of as an “empty parking lot”. I don’t personally have a donator planet, but am still thinking of getting one after this. The inconvenience is minor at worst. Id rather have a stable server with this minor inconvenience than a lack of overall server stability, but I guess that’s just me…

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@wahtaboutsmee The reason you can’t understand this is because you are not aware that the planets both donor and penthouse are not filled with infinite basic resources, they are limited to only one resource, unless they are set to PVP/Public ect.

Thank you @RexXxuS all good news. One question I have:

In 6 you said that OCD max input is 50k per slot on OCD 5. I still have more than that in a number of slots. Will I lose this on wipe?