HWS+ Pre Info about OCD item wipe & HWS+ Creative Scenario Workshop Release

Good Evening HWS Community,

we are almost there. Next week we have our HWS EU/NA full wipe - after 1,5 years…
With that, we start a new era in HWS+, a brand new Scenario.

Now, HWS+ can or should be seen as a new beginning in certain gameplay areas, thus the question was always be, if the OCD is gonna get wiped for everyone? If all players start equally in HWS+ from scratch?
Let me quickly explain the plan for the start of HWS+.

First things first: No, the OCD won’t get completely wiped for everyone for HWS+.
BUT 3 notes are important here:

  1. Not the whole OCD will get wiped but one resource has to go from everyones OCD - our old friend: Carbon.

    Every Carbon (Plastic) Block, every Carbon Substrate will get wiped and compensated with 1 credit per mentioned item.

    Two reasons for that:

    a) Carbon had a rough story on HWS. Partially boosted, partially inflated.

    b) Carbon has a completely different logic in HWS+. It is not crafted out of Fiber anymore but actual real Carbon Ore (deposits). To make this new progression equal for all, we have to do a surgical cleanup.

    Other than Carbon, no other item is planned to be wiped. At least not for the start of HWS+. The OCD Categories and more will be also a topic for later though. It’s to be honest too complex right now and I want to see HWS+ unfolding first before taking bigger steps.


  1. HWS is running for more than 6 years 24/7. Thousands of players played on HWS EU/NA during that time and their loyality reward is their OCD.
    However, since HWS+ isn’t just another full wipe, it will be partially still a new beginning for everyone.
    The main reason for that are new resources introduced in HWS+.
    Not “because I can” but to make those a core element in the whole PvPvE Scenario. (something I couldn’t do all the years before)
    Those resources can only be found in PvP in form of deposits to motivate hotspots but are also available in PvE in form of Quest and Mission rewards.
    For certain devices and ammo you need those new resources to be even able to spawn your (old) blueprints. So the hunt for those starts anew for everyone. The beginning will be more or less equal for everyone.


  1. Furthermore there is a final gist to OCD hoarders: since the OCD for those became incredible full, some even say inflated, there will be another reward on the one hand but cleanup on the other hand: the T.E.A.M. Tower will take care of abundance of your old resources and convert them into some of the new ones. When I say abundance think rather of a default 1:10000 ratio.

Last but not least the OCD will see 2 big new features this year that will be announced during the first HWS+ season. Stay tuned for those!

HWS+ Creative Scenario Workshop Release Date

As you know, the HWS+ Creative Scenario is already available via my Github page:

It’s in the polishing phase and to increase potential feedback, I will release it tomorrow to the Steam Workshop (I think I’ll just overwrite my old one)

I got already valuable feedback on many things which should make it in the version tomorrow, so you can start checking it out for the HWS+ release.
As always the disclaimer that nothing is final what you will see and please report anything off to me.

Thank you so much everyone, I really appreciate that so many of you are still around and exciting with me for a new era of HWS.

Your HWS Team


Hello all ,
I would not be in favor of deleting the OCD.
For this, too many hours have gone on it.
For me it would not be worthwhile to start completely new because I have neither the time nor the desire to start from scratch.

Don’t worry. OCD won’t be full wiped.

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