HWS Racom - Triton - "Safe" spawn location hostile

I died in Triton orbit and the “safe” respawn location is HWS Racom, which is hostile. It appears to be a Zirax faction as opposed to Admin faction. I am unable to spawn a SV or CV to try to recover my blown up ship or just leave the system. Any time I move from the respawn point, I am shot at.
Yesterday I purchased items off of the marketplace, costing me credits and rep, in an effort to spawn a blueprint, but it turns out that it cannot be spawned “too close to a base”.
Please help. I am stuck! I also lost my 1st epic armor that was in my inventory when I died and my backpack is gone. I’d rather not start over as I have a base and lots of items in Freelancer orbit. I haven’t saved anything into my orbital drone yet either.
Thank you!


sorry to hear about the problem.
But please create a proper Support ticket in the right area, so that we can actually do something.
I guess this has nothing to do with Emp Admin Helper.

Here you go:

Thank you!