HWS RE 1.9 New Season start

Dear HWS Community @everyone <@&926930721812123738> <@&276037439074729984>
finally, after 1 week delay, we are ready for a new 1.9 season!
Thank you very much for your patience.

Few notes:

  1. There is a new Starter CV, made by <@163853249231716353> Hope you like it.

  2. Golden Globe has no Guilty locations anymore but is a brand new planet. Since PvP in RE is more decoration, I thought to give a nicer planet a go as well. With secret Gold terrain layer included!

  3. The Time Space Continuum Generator on ECC got reworked for RE.
    You have 4 options now to find Star Fragments:

  4. Via community contribution

  5. Via personal wealth contribution

  6. Via Star Fragment Hunt (https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/hws-re-star-fragment-hunt/33970)

  7. By exploring/luck

  8. You can reach the Phoenix Sector only via the Supergate in Black Hole and one way-warp out of it.

Some other changes I might forgot. The important part:
:warning: At the beginning a lot of players trying to download the SharedData folder. Please have patience. It will settle down over time.

We wish you a lot of fun for the new season and thank you very much for being part of it! <:hwsstar:535932728886034439>

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Thanks a lot and yes, i like the new starter CV. It is more compact than the old one, and you get faster in and out.

Nice build !

Phoenix Sector ? Sounds dangerous, and hopefully is :joy: