HWS RE 1 to 2 migration poll

Dear HWS Community @everyone

two announcements:

  1. I’ll be gone from Friday to Monday. (in general I’m super busy recently. Please make sure to make a ticket if there are any questions / issues). After things cooled off I’ll be more productive again.

  2. Now the big one. For the HWS RE folks. As you probably know, Reforged Eden 2 is on the horizont. At some point it will take over RE 1 (the current RE as you know it) and I’ll host RE 2 of course. RE 1 will die sooner or later anyways without updates.
    If it’s better or not is what you will decide.
    But it is a fact that the creators of RE 2 will remove valuable items you love / farmed for a long time. For example the Antimatter Warp Drive afaik. Items, you put into your OCD.
    Well, obviously they have to be removed, once we switch to RE 2 as well.
    While it’s a horrible painful job for me to manually go through thousands of OCDs to wipe specific items, it’s also painful for you to lose stuff of course.
    I don’t know a lot of details yet. For example if a compensation is possible in an easy way for those that are affected.
    It means for sure though, that some items will be removed. Some items just because of economy changes too (introduction of new resource items for example)
    But sometimes a clean cut and a fresh start for everyone is what makes it fun and re-playable? :see_no_evil:

Either way, to get at least your initial impression, please participate in the <#1017074122016174201> what we should do with the OCD and Co.
:warning: This poll is just an impression poll. Nothing will be done just because of this poll. But as democracy works: if you do not participate you have to live with the consequences! Discussion for it will be done here: Discord :v: