HWS RE and HWS+ Next Season info

Good Evening HWS Community @everyone
the recent days… weeks are and will be very stressful and I tend to drown and forget my other duties. One of it is to let you know what is going on. Top question right now: “when wipe?”.

As you can see on the official Empyrion Discord server the big Patch 1.9.10 is scheduled and delayed to the 5th April.
But as you can also see in the <#775263892049756160> channel, there are many additions and fixes that I’m responsible for or have to test them or have to implement them.

  • Added new PDA Checks: Player adding/removing armor booster (ArmorBoostEquipped / ArmorBoostUnequipped)
    I have to program this into my web eWPDA tool (https://empyrion-homeworld.net/tools/ewpda)
  • 00493: Possible fix for Players can get stuck in the loading screen when teleporting to another structure
    Thanks to the HWS Community we found the root issue of 30 fps in the first place. So with that fix you should not do this workaround anymore and it cost me many many hours to test this on my local server.

There are more fixes like turret did not shoot in some situations and actually nice fixes that turn out into game content - you will see.

Most importantly though there are many many config changes and additions that we are using for HWS+ and some I’ll use in HWS RE. That means without Patch 1.9.10 we can’t release HWS+ in the first place.
This is also the reason why there were no changes coming recently ( <#791944376916901908> )
But be sure we work like maniacs and I try to publish at least a form of teaser or an experimental update to the workshop (you just have to make sure to use the EXP build for testing then).

That being said let me try to answer the question from above in a best way possible:
Next HWS RE season start (possibly): on 7th April, exactly 3 month after the start of this season. But since I want to add some goodies to HWS RE again for the next season and some of them needs Patch 1.9.10 I also have to wait for the release. If 1.9.10 is coming at 5th April, it might all work out, 7th April it is.
If it gets delayed again, then we have to wait for it - to be announced.

Next HWS+ season start (possibly): Since I want to full release HWS+ with the next season I’m under a big pressure to not release something totally unfinished again as before. Not perfect is fine, but content, story and reasonable balancing must be done for the full release, period.
And for that, I’m honestly just too burned out right now to give an exact date, sorry.
Every time I come up with a plan the recent weeks a bug or incident ruined my time management completely.
So the more focused I can work on it overall, the faster it comes. I plan for April but it really depends on so many external factors.

As you can see it’s somehow getting not clearer the longer I run this show (the opposite what I was thinking 5 years ago ironically). Somehow I get more and more involved in too many different things. I have to think about that and change.
For now prepare for a lot of fun in April and thank you so much for all your feedback / suggestions along the way. Be sure I read all of them and try my best to make the best possible for all of you.