HWS RE Changelogs

In this topic you will find changelogs about HWS RE (transferred from Discord in here automatically)

Changelogs can include anything we are currently working on, so you can keep yourself up to date.

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• Fixed HWS Elemental Hotels Teleporter leading to a wrong destination

• Added a lot of missing item icons to HWS Connect. If there are still some missing, please let me know.
Since I can’t keep up with all trash items like in the screenshot, I will just prevent them from selling to HWS Connect Marketplace in the future.

• Implemented new RE patch:

• Finally fixed Alien Asylum or rather reworked it. Much better special loot, some new challenges, maybe easier or more difficult now, you have to decide.
||+ Ultra Rare Reforged Eden Loot in Stage and secret containers||
||+ Some new NPC enemies||
||+ Updated some Lock Codes / replaced them with Signals||
||- Alien Core Master Reward every 30 days now||

• fixed hopefully last remaining Alien Asylum issue

• Changed Eton Event to weekly (Every Sunday) and increased reward to 7 000 000 credits and 100 Origin XP
• fixed Valentines Mission had no Keys and Alien Asylum had wrong Tokens in the boxes (see patch 1.8.5 patch notes - a bug I reported and it finally got fixed: Items are not saved in an Admin Core blueprint)

• Added new HWS Feature: Selling structures for credits: New HWS Feature: Sell your structures for Credits 💸 - YouTube
(took a while… during HWS+ duties I want to improve Black Hole performance and get 1 new Event out next)

• Fixed some blocks were not considered in the sell structure feature
• Fixed random diced high marketprices in RE (temporary until RE creators do it themselves)