HWS RE Changelogs

Server Restart changelog (<t:1712073648:f>) / info

  • Reminder: ECC Planet is the most visited planet on the HWS servers (over 500 visits so far this season) and to provide a smooth experience for all players there is a Class 7 size limit for CVs in place. It didn’t work for some time but got fixed and is enforced again.
    So make sure to not bring your biggest CV down to the planet and especially not a big carrier CV with docked ships, or they all will get deleted

  • Fixed missing Star Fragment in Phoenix so you can’t convert your PvP Tokens to a e.g. PvP Radar

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OCD / Recycle Patreon Core Information

  • Added a notice in HWS Connect how to finally properly get the Patreon Core out of your structure.
    It seems the priority isn’t fully working for the normal Recycle button/command, so make sure to use the Recycle to OCD button/command.
    Even though it is not intuitive, cause the Patreon Core can’t go into the OCD, only then it will get ejected at the end.

[Collection], [Collection]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/988366872644812830/1230451120728576000/image.png?ex=66335de7&is=6620e8e7&hm=a95b1dd80c8d9d5393d7e658575747b9eb69aeca154a5d3857d9860e23f44d02&