HWS RE - Electronics Factory POI (for Solar Cells)


Some players have been searching for Solar Cells on HWS RE.

Vermillion has posted in the Discord that they are sold by vendor at POI “Electronics Factory” (bp RBA_SolarisAMP) and that this POI spawns nearby to Polaris Trading Stations on planets.

Some of the players have been searching for this POI, but have yet to find it.
I went into my single player game and did not find one either. I opened the ‘global.db’ in the save
folder and checked the ‘structures’ table and did not find it listed.

Two questions:

  1. Does the ‘structures’ table define all the available structures or only the player-discovered structures?
  2. Is there any way to determine if the POI has spawned on HWS RE yet?

This POI should be easy to find, but so far it’s a unicorn…

Hi, I’m Jascha’s Clone,
this POI spawned 11 times so far on HWS RE

Playfield needs to be loaded once, to get structures inside.


Thanks Rexxus! I see you are also a game db guru. Looks like we players will have to keep searching. I linked this post to the Discord so others can see it.

I managed to deduce the information about what POI to look for myself digging through configs and blueprints as I never saw Vermillion’s post.

From TraderNPCconfig.edf:
Trader Name: ManufacturingPower
SellingText: “Business has been slow recently. You have no idea how glad I am to see a customer! Welcome to Solaris AMP, the premier supplier of generators, solars and electrical devices!”
SellingGoods: “trwResources”
#SELLING to player
Item1: “SolarCell, mf=1.0-1.25, 100-200, 0, 0”

The selling text mentions specifically Solaris AMP, which leads to the above mentioned blueprint.

I have been searching Polaris planets for the last 3 days, and have yet to find one. This is chewing up a very large amount of my time that I would like to be doing other things with.

I feel bad because at this point it’s a case that if I manage to find one, it’s something I would likely keep to myself until I am able to obtain the stock that I need, and I know others are looking for it as well. As it has been spawned 11 time so far, it would seem somewhat likely that others are doing the same. 11 times would also indicate that it has to be quite rare as well given the number of people searching for it.

Little motivation needed? :slight_smile:

It’s there for sure.
Some gurus will find out in which solar system it is by looking at my first screenshot above…

Just adding to this thread what I read last night in another discord.

Ravien Yesterday at 8:41 PM

I am putting out a hot fix that adds Polaris (and specifically only Polaris) factories and mines to a few more planet types.

Ravien Yesterday at 8:50 PM

Okay done. Should at least help somewhat"

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Found one in offline SP game - F5 star, Desert planet. So maybe that’s a clue.
F-type stars (also A-type?) - Desert & Arid (dry) planets.
Did not find in G or M type stars.

Found the 1st one Rexxus…the rest of the list we would not be able to decode…unless there is something I am not aware of…

i dont understand this new “mechanic” that we have to search for dealers. normally a dealer would do everything that everyone in the galaxy knows where he is found. i would like to find 10 dealers per planet and not 1 dealer within 30 star systems.
For me personal this is a waste of time and not fun.

For this season the logic is as this:
the more further you fly out in the Universe (or precisely: in systems that nobody discovered yet), the more Traders you will find.

Otherwise look out for the HWS Marketplace offers.

Rexxus, did you apply March 29 hotfix?

Project Eden

(Reforged) Added Polaris factories and mines to Desert, Desert Storm, Ice, Ice2, Irradiated and adjusted spawn ranges to help prevent failed spawns.
This is only for the Polaris factioned factories for now.

Yes, and that is the reason why I posted the message above yours.
The current playfields are “as-is”.
I would need to full wipe them, to get those changes in for the current ones.
But new created playfields will get the hotfix change.

But that hotfix only means “more POIs added”, because player complained there are too few.

pfid? I’ve been searching for days with no luck. Don’t know how to interpret this data either.

So you find the factory and to unlock the trader you need to deliver Xenon gas, but I havent been able to find this gas anywhere, he mentions Gas harvesters which seem to not exist in creative as a base. I’m not sure how to get the gas I need to unlock the trader at The electric factory.

So far did another mission to unlock another trader on a Gas Refinery on an Ice moon planet, he also doesn’t sell Xenon gas… So that rules him out

Recycle station trader doesnt either, neither does Chemical waste station. A lot of side missions to do to find out if a trader sells it or doesnt -___-

yes gas harvesters, you’ll need to do another mission once you get there