HWS RE EU Server RAM Upgrade

Dear HWS RE community,
as we discussed together in the ingame chat already, I thought very long time now and decided to do it.
We take the offer from our provider and increase the RAM of HWS RE EU from 320 GB to 512 GB.

This means + ~90€ per month = + 1080€ per year = ~359€ per month = 4308 € per year in total for the HWS RE EU server alone.

For all four HWS Servers updated it means our cost offering you all of this, software and hardware wise, is ~$1300 per month = $15600 per year (excluded from that cost is of course my own life costs and helpers that I pay on top)

While the advantages of more RAM are obvious, such as 200 player slots, it means more data is collected in a faster time though.
Just to keep in mind when you ask why the 10 AM backup restart Mondays take so long :wink:

Such decisions, as with the fourth HWS RE NA server, are calculated carefully and have always sustainability in mind.
With the incredible help of our HWS Patrons, this is possible.
Thank you so much!