HWS RE Full Wipe 16th February Info

Good Morning @everyone
Finally, after the DLC stress, I can breath again a bit. Sorry for this extended season time (4 months instead of 3)

Let’s start our ritual! You can use EGS Recycle and OCD globally now! (as always 1 week before and 1 week after)
That means the

The next Full Wipe is coming at 16th February, 10AM

In terms of next season content I am still involved in a lot of tasks but that’s on my todo:

  • adding latest RE content

  • adding finally the Star Fragment Stargate Mission

  • adding new Garage Ships

  • improve the new reworked Phoenix changes (Discord) by adding a Golden Supergate to Golden Globe, to play the Golden Sphere with SVs only.

  • fixing Residence Dialogue claim issue

  • fixing OCD quantity of Radioisotope Generator and Heavy Railgun Turret. They were wrong categorized. Make sure to split them into multiple OCD slots.

Last but not least tomorrow I’ll start the 15% discount week to all support packages, inclusive the permanent packages

Thank you so much for playing this season on HWS RE! I really appreciate you all being here and a special shoutout to our HWS Patrons, that makes all of that possible!

It was the 11th RE season and a very emotional one. A season I’ll never forget.

Have a great weekend. :v:


it’s not entirely clear what this is <t:1708074000:F> ?

fun times porting from discord :wink:

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Question: Is it possible take advantage of the additional 15% and purchase a support package now but wait to use it for the new season? i.e. Purchase the 10,000 unlock points but wait till Server launch on Friday 16th to type do:UP10000 ?

yes, some packages are queued until u use them. that is one of them. always check the readme before opening das wallet :wink: