HWS RE Issues - Ingame warning to players


Can you use Graylog or Nagios to monitor the logs?
When query or other metrics get past a certain threshold, send an ingame message to players:
For example,
“Condition RED - RE Universe Unstable…
If you are not in combat, stop teleporting, looking at rank list, checking registry, scouting, and don’t warp. Everyone take a 5 minute break…”

When query or other metrics calm down, then send an ingame message to players:
“Condition GREEN - RE Universe has stabilized, carry on!”

Al least we players will know when the server is getting wonky and to not do risky things.
And maybe if we take a 5min break, the metrics cool down for a bit.

Also does reboot help? Maybe go to a 4 hour reboot cycle?
I would not mind a reboot every 4 hrs if it helps.

Just offering up suggestions to try to help with the issues.

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Hey, incase you haven’t seen already: