HWS RE New Season Preparation / Changelog

Dear HWS Community @everyone,

don’t ask me how but 3 months are almost over again!
The current HWS RE season started on 17th February, so the next RE season will start on


The recent days I had a lot of motivation again, so let’s go.

As always this means a few things in terms of preparation:

  • Use EGS Recycle to get the materials back from your structures and put them into your Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD) to store them throughout the full wipe.
  • EGS Recycle and OCD can be used globally now (1 week before and 1 week after the full wipe)
  • If you like to play on HWS, support me and the few that help me keeping HWS running and alive, there is a 15% Discount (HWS Patrons up to 85% discount! https://patreon.com/hws) running now for 8 days, until 18th

For the next RE season there are also new things and changes you can look forward to:

Part 1

  • HWS Garage got a Creator Guide you can check here: HWS Garage Creators Guide RE - Google Docs
    For everyone who wants to submit a HWS Garage ship or wants to update their existent ones, please make sure to follow the rules mentioned there.
  • As you can see, we are adding dedicated HWS Garage devices. First there will be the HWS Garage Warp Drive. The most powerful Warp Drive in the game you can upgrade even further at the Garage HQ.
    However this Warp Drive is only allowed in Expedition ships, to make them more meaningful. Everyone can upgrade it, but the Explorer Origin will have great benefits for it.
  • The EGS HQ will get back its Showroom Stargate back so you can test and fly the Garage ships before you buy them.
  • Golden Globe will have Gold Factories. A regular passive Gold income for those, that claimed them. With a frequent reset it can be contested by everyone.
  • The Homeworld planet will get a dedicated Trading Station with unique and lucrative trades in form of new Commodity items you have to fly back and forth in the Homeworld PvP System.
  • A new Stargate Mission comes in! I created a unique Tower Defense Survival Mission, that took me awhile. You have your own little economy inside this mission that allows you to buy and build towers (turrets) in a given maze that will help you to beat the upcoming waves. You can decide to spent your economy also for guns of course.
    You enter this Mission in the HWS Racom Trading Station in ECC Sector and can be played with up to 4 players.
  • Finally, there will be the HWS Star Fragment Mission and final reward token in it for the last Star Fragment. It gives a better explanation about this whole unique HWS feature and how it works and what fortune you can make with it.
  • The defensive POIs around the Star Fragments got a power up to make it more challenging

Part 2

  • While I love to see how you guys rush to the Star Fragments within few days at the start of a season, I see you are faster and faster doing it - giving others the information where those Star Fragments are. Then the fun is over and it’s just farming a lot of rewards easily on two servers.
    That’s why I will utilize the Time Space Continuum Generator (TSCG) on ECC, which is currently not used.
    With that in mind the process to collect HWS Star Fragments will change to:
    – each of you have to fetch the HWS Star Fragment and deliver it back to the TSCG
    – Deliveries from Patrons count as 2 players as a bonus :slightly_smiling_face:
    – if the deliver count is equal to the fetch count and if at least 100 Star Fragments got delivered (50 players if all would be patrons), it goes on to the next Star Fragment and so on. As reference, in this season 149 players claimed the Star Fragments on RE NA and 179 on RE EU.
    From 1900+ Players this season, there is a lot of lost potential.

Thus with this change I want to motivate:
– an even more busier ECC / EGS HQ activity that makes the gameplay and community more alive
– a higher community engagement to push 100 players to farm the HWS Star Fragments (CSW included)
– in the end more (new) player will get to know HWS and how they can interact with HWS (with HWS DNA they dive into the whole HWS Economy)
– less cheesy farm mechanics and faster burn outs from doing the same actions each season

  • To still motivate the solo / individual HWS Star Fragment story, there will be a new item called HWS Star Dust. Basically a tiny version of the Star Fragments. You can get them in the Daily Vote Loot Box or as Loot in POIs / Missions.
    You can then convert the HWS Star Dust into Credits or HWS DNA in the HWS Racom at the top in the shady business area.
  • Implementation of time control for Stargate Missions to prevent infinity farmers while adding still an extra reward for speed runners.
  • Fixes here and there you reported during the season

That should be it for now. If time allows more is coming as I still have some older topics on my list (e.g. the HWS PC) or improving the Events like Eton and the others.
I’m looking forward to a great upcoming season with a lot of new content for you.
Thank you all for another successful awesome season with a lot of new players and great community spirit!
I also appreciate all of your support - especially our Patrons, making all of this possible!
Have a great weekend.


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A big thank you for all the effort and time you and your support team give in order to make this game such an enjoyable experience :grinning: :+1:

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any decision on modifications for structures on Meta planet yet?

Sry, missed it.
The ones on HWS Meta are Alien Cored. You can destroy it and place your own one in it.
Or what exactly is your goal?

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previous seasons had admin cores that needed manual admin replacement.

while very creative and aesthetically pleasing, some of us like to personalize them with our own creativeness :wink: