HWS RE New Season Start and notice!

Alright @everyone,
sorry for the delay. It’s always a challenge to check our 70+ checkpoints what to do during the full wipe, especially alone.
I hope I didn’t forget something :crossed_fingers:

Please note few things:

  1. Check the changelog out here HWS RE Changelogs - #109 by RexXxuS
  2. The FIRST login will be painful slow, maybe even interrupting. I can only advise to let it load until done, no matter what! It will be getting better over the days, the more players downloaded all the data!
  3. I’m almost done for today and try to work tomorrow non-stop on your requests, including Supporter Playfields!
    But the whole weekend I’m not at home and will proceed on Monday with everything! Hardcore time schedule this time, sorry.

In any way, we wish you a great new season with a lot of new adventures to make! Thank you so much for being with us!! <

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