HWS RE New Season

Good Evening @everyone,
few notes from me:

  1. I’m not at home the whole weekend. Please prioritize very important requests on Thursday (for example Supergates). I try to resolve them before I’m gone, the rest on Monday then.

  2. A little new HWS RE season teaser for you before we start a new season tomorrow! Check it out here:


  • The HWS Radar is an own device now! (legendary OCD Category)
  • You get rewards the longer you hold a Capture Zone base now
  • You have to use the new command o:radar in that zone to claim your reward
  • More improvements to come like Attacker rewards
  • A new Patreon Core with great benefits (available to all, not Patron exclusive but was possible to make due to our awesome Patrons!!)
  • A new Chaos Star was born in the Homeworld PvP System… what is going on there?!?
    More details to be announced
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