HWS RE pre-full-wipe update

Good Morning
here is the latest update from Ravien about Reforged Eden and so for HWS RE (see Screenshot).

→ We will wait for his new version and make a full wipe for it (June or July) .

EU/NA as I said will be running (and just patched) until we are done with HWS+ , which is unfortunately the longest runtime since 5 years and requires a lot of patience for you and us. Creating content in Empyrion in this large scale is not easy nor fast possible. I hope I can share first teasers in June/July.

Thanks again and a lot for your patience.
Your HWS Team


Do you need help with testing stuff for HWS Plus?

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Does the experimental automatically update and if it does your saying we can’t play on RE?

Only if you are opted into the experimental branch. Don’t do that and you can still play.

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Thanks for the question.
Since HWS+ is so big, I was maybe thinking of giving Patrons pre access for testing it, yes.
Can’t say when yet.

I will be happy to help in any way possible.

Just let me know when and also what you need tested.

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You can switch back and forth, no problem. EGS 1.5 goes live on June 1st, 2021. If you don’t want to swap back and junk, just wait for it.