HWS RE starter Warping on Enemies frequently

Hi Guys,

playing on RE recently.

Made 4 warps and landed directly into enemies twice.

Last season came in a few days before season end and tried to get to ECC last minute.
I warped into two pirate ships which took off all important parts on the backside then i started exploding in space when i tried to watch the backside far enough from them but the fatal damage was already done, main cargo bay was gone and so was the warp and warptank.

Last night i warped from Omicron starter to Ningues (does that let me build a permanent base for now? It looks tougher than Omicron) with the cheapest i could find. As my blue dart with nothing else than warp capabilities didnt give me much speed i only took out two Zirax plasma drones and evaded the troopships coming in as i dont know if they have guns on them now. Another succesful jump was into a empty field with resources but only found two common ones. Remembering from Alpha 10 you can get jumped immediately when you start to mine and with a max speed of 40m/s i would be no match for them i left for my little Omicron base.

Near the end of the warp scene there was already a big explosion and the ship was now without warp capabilities , cockpit gone and no time to check more as the Defender Base (or so) immediately shot me.

I can miss out on a Blue Dart and chose this one as i cant afford a proper battleship
right now and was expecting to die again. But why do i jump into enemies at all (not my decision, normal version never did that, proper time to enable shields and detect any trouble ahead so you have the choice to evade or engage)
let you jump upon them. Statistically 2 out of 4 is not a good sample but it spoils the fun a bit right now. Makes mining a non profitable option unless you stick to planets.

If more players face this kind of mishap they will not leave starter but they will leave the game. Hope you have better fortune here.

Me thinks…