HWS rebalance - part 1

Hey HWS friends,

we started today with the first BIG rebalance of things.

[size=150]Trading Items now global[/size]
You do not have to fly to Elemental Marketplace for trading globally now! Just type ti:sell:10 to sell your item in your hand slot 1 for 10 EC for example.

There are taxes for global trading though (5%). So trading in Elemental Marketplace is still free.

To reduce the ingame chat spam I placed the link to the economy website in the server description. So before joining HWS just click at that link and have the website in your steam overlay all the time open.
Or just visit manually: [size=150]http://empyrion-homeworld.net/economy [/size]

[size=150]Elemental Bank now global[/size]
Also you don’t need to fly to the Elemental Bank for pay in / pay out your EC anymore. Just type the command globally now. For example eb:payin:all to store all EC into the bank - cause remember: if you die you lose all of your EC!

I hope to see a big trading flow now and wish you a lot of fun with that.

The economy, faction and universe rebalance will come soon… stay tuned

Your HWS Team