HWS+ Release Candidate Season start

Dear HWS Community

Anyways, the important part: HWS+ RC (Release Candidate) started!
Please use this season as much as possible to provide feedback about the direction you want to have and enjoy!
If all goes well, the HWS+ Full Release is coming on March 23th 2023! At our 7th Anniversary of HWS! :tada:
As teasered above, for HWS+ RC you will find a completely reworked config, a reworked universe and many changes/fixes along the way.
But please keep in mind that nothing is final yet!
Especially the Config will be updated weekly now, based on your feedback.
Dialogue / PDA improvements will also come on the fly during the season.

Just keep sending us feedback please :slightly_smiling_face: That helps a lot!
We wish you a lot of fun in HWS+ RC now.
Thanks a lot for your patience!

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