HWS server issues

I’m sorry guys but this game i have loved for the last 2 years but due to the game mechanics i can no longer play, the final straw was RED docking to my cv making it imobilsed and during the disconnection issues, well the cv was deleted. I dont blame the admins or the Devs for the prblems in game, it just the mechanics make the game unplayable, I wish everyone god speed and good travels. I really hope one day that this game will be optimised for heavy comabat without the disconnects.

On that final note,
Good Luck Travellers


Just to share my experience from that battle?..Is this even some battle?

I usually dont do CV combat, actually i never do as i know its so terrible that i would reather do whatever else, cleaning public toilet is probably more fun than CV combat…

I moved to San as planetary combat is currently unplayable due to bad performance. I read on chat theres some battle going on so i decided to have some fun. Jumped to EU, feed factory, spawned CV. Went to Nomad, frames went down, it was silly as CV cobmat is but why not 2nd time in 2 years.

When RED reinforcment arrived all went to hell, why someone was against class 4?! I would say Class 1 is too much. Its so terrible, i didnt know how terrible it is and what i succesfully avoided for years :smiley:

When it comes to RED only complain i have is this. When i stopped near Gareths disconnected ship to place down generator on it I imediatly heard on Discord that someone is trying to land inside my ship, i thought we already solved this if thats the case. I dont do any videos and honestly dont care but if this is true…come on RED you can do better.

Anyway i recycled ship and moved away.

Have to say that this was probably worst gaming experience in 37 years of my life lol :smiley:

Good Luck Gareth! Maybe we will meet again if someone will make this game working. Not much left to do so…i guess ill follow (when ill got OCD 6 on NA :smiley: One never know, miracle can happen and they will fix this all one day)

Good Luck Everyone! (and stick to SVs, thats fun and working quite well)


I and other have vids and picts to show RED docking ships to cv’s to limit their movements… I’m sorry this was the final straw for me… I love this game / server, but these exploits made me think otherwise, for the sake of my cv being captured using these exploits, i managed to log in and delete the cv with its contents and managed to escape ina sv… I will log on the game to use ocd and am’s but not going to play as the game was intended… Never in the last 2 years of playing this I have resorted to this action, other players / factions I would just think 'survive’and move on, but lossing resources /cv’s like this is really not on.

Goodspeed. But it is - LOL. “I lost my CV i quit from this f***k game”. You are serious? Maybe you need try to adapt to the game and stop crying like a 5-years old girl? This is collision and the game mechanics. Like in the real - disruptors (for example). If be honest - I’m upset with your behavior. Courage where lost? It is game - for what you building all this BA CV SV? For mine res and fly? You can make in SP. You make it for have some actions with another players. ANd if something goes wrong - you start cry. Maybe you remember the Alpha 5.0 ? When you fight with us, We have 3-4 CV you have 10-12. We die by lags and disconnets - and you just shoot to the not moving CV - but you was be happy, Yeah you are the winner,

So IMHO - You screaming like a girl. Less girls - more good for all,

We all know about the SV parking on CV bugg so why use it ?

‘Like a girl’ -You do know that’s quite sexist right?

What is ‘like a girl?’ to you? Is it something less, something less important than something ‘like a man’ perhaps?

I suggest you educate yourself and watch this video:

We in education use this video in order to empower our female students, to make them feel just as capable and respected as their male peers (which is exactly how it should be). Everytime you say ‘like a girl’ in a negative way you’re actually being sexist.

The first thing i learnt about life, and about relationships; was the number 1 rule, it’s all about respect!

@Gareth i wish you all the best mate and totally understand your feelings. Fingers crossed this gets sorted. TBH RED have been warned about this before so i feel that everyone in that playfield on RED’s side should get a one week ban. Both as punishment for being involved in it and forthose who were there but didn’t shoot up Gareth’s ship; a punishment to them for not telling the other guys not to do it.

Best regards all.

Hi, Im not sure to whom are you replying.

I dont care how many ppl fighting how many ppl, I dont care about collisions, about RED flying in hangars or not, loosing CVs or what ever.

I care about only one thing.

Why the hell is someone, anyone in whole world, even trying to do CV combat in Empyrion. Its so bad, i never saw anything that bad in any game. Its not working at all, theres no skill in it, everyone is watching connection to playfield lost message and after some time new screenshot appears.

Ppl on Discord said that Gareth wasnt able to move as RED landed in his ship, i was there right next to him, but i dont know, i havent seen anything. Basicly what i saw from whole combat was few screenshots.

Why the hell you ppl playing this part of game? Now im starting to understand why on planet its worse and worse, if this stupid crap is happening in universe above.

But i have solution, CV class 0 allowed, simply no CVs. Noones live will be worse. Belive it or not but this was 2nd time i wanted to see CV combat from CV cocpit, never again, its so bad lol.

Oh come one guys. Take it easy. Gareth left as from what i heard its always the same, ppl want to play game, log in, take CV and go to battle. They arrive gets disconnected and then they watch loading screen for 10 minutes.

Thats no fun so he left…docking or not, i doubt that anyone would be able to dock in someones hangar if this part of game works at least a bit.

So far everyone who likes CVs from whatever reason stoped playing as this seasson its most terrible. But at least you all can build class 7 :yum:

It is not bug it is feature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=89&v=T2XONhS4mRM And do not need mix real tackling - intercept by SV. And catpure the disabled ship by SV/

For me be a man: To be a hard in the difficult situation. To keep my word. To answer for my words. To support the my family. To protect myself and my family. To respect the ladies. To not to offend the weak and defenseless. To find a way out of any situation. Never give up.

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