HWS Server not showing up

Question, I was in game and the server kicked me with no warnings and now the NA server is not showing up in list i can see the EU and experamental servers, have i been banned? IP wise? my clan member PIP was also and we share a IP and its not showing up after we got kicked.

i did the reboot etc stuff to see if it was a local issue, does not seem to be.

any info would be helpful.



no, if you would have been banned you would get a message.
All good. Server is running.
Please look in your “History” tab in the Multiplayer Lobby list.
Let them wait too.

If not maybe your ISP?


Thank you for the very fast responce, and for verifying for me its not you.
apparently i had to renew the dhcp, the IP was not blocking but i guess the DHCP was expired and for some reason blocked only HWS NA connection.

Agian thank you :slight_smile: