HWS Server War

So who’s down for a war between EU and the NA servers?

We just need some ground rules. Here’s my suggestions.

  1. Participating players must be in one and only one of the recognized participating factions.
  2. Participating Factions must have a HQ on Home World in their perspective servers.
  3. Participating Factions/Players must follow current rules of engagement.
  4. Participating Factions/Players are responsible for policing their own.
    (grievance payments to be done in gold ingots only.)
    (Grievances are settled by representatives of each server. Their judgement is final)
    (Unauthorized attacks by non allied Factions are not the responsibility of either server)
  5. Each server provides representatives, How they choose them is up to each server.
  6. This is a battle for each server Homeworld and their ability to mine Gold.

Now all we need from @RexXxuS is

EU Alliance (EUA) and the NA Alliance (NAA) factions.
(maybe an admin cored faction base on a factions home server)
These are admin owned and only have admin members. By agreeing to ally with these factions
you agree to follow the terms of the alliance. Each server responsible for setting their own terms
for membership either through diplomacy or force of arms.

Op4 has begun expanding our alliance and stockpiling war material. We will be assaulting and occupying
EU Home World when the time is right (Agreed upon with EU defenders LOL). Until then we WONT
be attacking Homeworld in the hopes EU players will build up its defenses. Interested NA factions contact
any Op4 member for alliance terms.

Feel free to float your ideas. Lets get some terms agreed upon and get this war underway.


I like the idea because new players can be helped by vets; biggest factor imo is the learning curve of empyrion.

We’d need former NA players to return to make it worth while. EU has the numbers atm

Could it be expanded to beyond Homeworld if bases are already established and want to have defenses tested? :smiley:
PIP from NA may be interested in participating in this, I would at least, would see how many others I could get on for it, would just need a date/time and maybe more details from those on the NA side of things

Under discussion. Not sure we want to fight AGAINST friends from NA

There are always insurgents or revolutionaries unsatisfied with current regimes. Some will choose to side with
the invading force. So what each server needs is a Rebel planet. I suggest Golden Globe. There are other
PvP planets but this war will be fought initially between mostly vets as a way to attract new players to HWS
as well as get current players into the action. No one is going to expend the resources to live in PvP unless
there is gold. Living in Deep Space doesn’t count.

So then EU would have a EUA base on EU HW and NA GG, NA would be the opposite. These Admin
faction bases ensure that the contested planets remain contested. These base would be nothing more than
glorified Landing Zones protected by Admin guns. Should Ammo for these be provided by the us players?
I would vote yes.

Offer Withdrawn, Admin plz close Topic.

From the members I have spoke to TCH will not be participating in this event. But we wish EU luck.

Your decision.

Technically we could create with some other accounts these admin CSW factions (our main account needs the HWS faction for stuff seizing).

The rest is up to the community. Let me know if there is interest in this again.