HWS ships for purchase are overpowered

We tested several options in SV vs SV dogfights and found out, that the guided missile is the best option to cause a maximum damage on the opponent (because you miss very often with the other weapons).

Considering that, the HWS SV has 10 guided missile launchers while players can only build a maximum of 4 guided missile launchers into their own self constructed SV.

This means, fighting the HWS vessel, you have only 40% of your opponents firepower.

Do you really want to support captalism in that way ? New players will NEVER be able to compete with all these HWS-Bill Gates-tycoons.

Come back to a skill based PVP instead of a credits based !

Thanks for the feedback.
I take such things always serious but will look closely into it too then.

The idea behind HWS Garage ships is not only spending your credits to something very special but also provide a purpose for each ship.
No ship should be “overpowered” by its own. Each ship has advantages and disadvantages.

In your case you are talking about the V-Wing ship. It has 10 Homing Missles so what is the disadvantage?
This one:

The cockpit is more or less a one shot. It is exposed and without a pilot / cockpit 12m are wasted out of the window.

Now what is the deal you ask then?

Exactly that! You have a super weapon in your hands but need to watch out heavily for your property.
It is similar to MOBA games like LoL or Dota where a carry alone is a chicken. They need tanks and supports to do damage over time. Otherwise it’s GG.

Last but not least the “new player” methology is always lacking. Be it “new players don’t have a full OCD”, be it “new player don’t have interest” etc. etc.
That is true but totally intentional. You have to work for your progress. Sorry for some people playing here who have such a real life where they don’t have to work because they have rich parents or whatever but on HWS you have to work for your progress… or being smart… or both.

Hope it is more clear now.



Glass cannon indeed seems balanced.

A player with any sense would modify the ship before taking it into PVP, that cockpit would have 4 or 5 layers of steel

Didn’t think you could modify it.

That single layer of glass is equivalent to 5 layer of sv blocks


LOL but only HV with BA turrets was overpowerd. But it is fixed to. So calm down. In the lag fight you do not take any advantage from it 10 HM. I tested all garage “pvp” ships. Even with rebuildings. So it is not so cool like it looks.

14K block sv with a cv powertrain and 10 homing launchers is pretty op, and thats just a class 1.

Tell that to splash damage :boom:

I have I would say all the models obviously and i know history of how this ship was developed, I saw many modification different ppl did to it etc. Im sure about one thing, all who uses this shape simply had to move weapons to back on original ship, it was sexy in front but a bit too early lost.
I used version without tail with guns for loong time after class formula change and i suffered. Those Homing will be gone nearly imediatly if VWing will attack HVs/BAs.

Its what it is, luxury SV with everything CV offers and can hold well against SVs, can do nice homing dmg but someone has to tank dmg for it or those 12m will be lost fast. For sure rebuild is possible but…
Its like with Mjolnir, its nice but when enemy sees it he will focus it until its lost, i think its fine like that. Now when GG gold run out price is adequate too.

Dont forget its combt steel, once CV thrusters inside are gone, theres no SV thruster able to move that ship and it will loose its value.

Btw get it and enjoy 1st person flying, if you get tired visit the kitchen or have a shower, with a friend as seat for copilot is ready. Or just hit prefab ship with those homings. Lovely ship :wink:

Well, your assumption if wrong from the start - in actual meta 6 miniguns have the potential to cause way more damage than 10 rocket launchers. Railguns and miniguns are easy to hit too. Don’t come arguing about OP ships whre you seem to not know PvP as well as you think.

But then, even if 10 missiles are strong, think about the downsides of it. Those “OP” ships are expenaive as hell, and it takes way more time and effort to get one like this than to get resources for any classic SV. And then all your money is invested into something with one time features, because yes, while the ship can be modified and reinforced, all those shiny parts cannot be replaced if lost.

Instead of crying to remove anything that seems to you like something unbeatble, learn to fight it. If you fought one and got your butt kicked so hard you need to come here it means you weren’t prepared for pvp and any ship would have wrecked you. So yes, lets go back to skill based pvp where you learn to deal with your enemies instead of asking for their removal.

If you bring 3 ships to kill 1 garage ship and loose 2 ships in the process you still win the resource war because of the price of these things, they are men’t to be strong. If people bring multiple garage ships to attack you and can’t kill them in 1 wave then load tons of ships into f2 and attack with multiple waves, you will still win that resource war.