HWS Support 2.0 | Improved support system for everyone

Hey @everyone,

HWS 7 has still some flaws here and there (which will get fixed!) but overall we think it is proving to be a success.

By success I mean that we appear to be attracting new players who have a lot of questions or need help and even some of the veterans seem to be enjoying the game a bit too :slight_smile:

We’re still flat out busy fixing certain things, updating the guide, editing the PDA, creating events, missions, etc. which means we can’t be always be instantly available every time theres an Admin shout of “Help I forgot my Ship” or “Admin I’ve lost my Shoes” etc etc

That is the reason we introduce our ALL NEW Get Support 2.0™ approach:

You have now two smart ways to get straight to support. Either by clicking the Need help? button in the sidebar of any HWS web page or if you trigger certain keywords in discord such as admin or help.

Follow the link and use the predefined template

This way not only helps us (Admins) but more importantly helps YOU! as we get all the information we need and can get on to solving your problem a lot quicker.

Because of this, we will stop offering full Admin support on the Discord Get Support channel and as you may have notices we have renamed them to “Community Support” channels (english + german). There are a lot of very knowledgeable and friendly players in our community and we want to encourage you guys to help each other. We will now only watch this channel in future occasionally and respond if we have time.

Any ship losses, CSW issues, bug losses from now on need to go on to the Get-Support page in the forum.

Sure, it will take some time to get used to it but only in this way can we provide you the best support you will find anywhere!

Thanks for your cooperation and heres wishing you ALL a bugfree experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your HWS Team