HWS Survey III | Please help us to improve HWS | Mid season patch | Part 2

Ehm ich glaube ich weis woher die Render fehler kommen sowie Latenz probleme auf GG mir ist aufgefallen das wenn man Gold Depots abbaut und die ERDE trifft und es eine art Wolke ergibt der ping extrem hoch springt und dies jedesmal ! kann es sein das es seit dem auf GG keine komplette goldkruste ohne diese erde die kein Stein gibt sorgt die vlt für die Render fehler ? weil sie gibt eben gar nichts und bedeckt 80% von GG also ein boden ohne inhalt ist das vlt die Ursache ?

wäre da echt super wenn ihr das mal testet ! einfach den derzeitigen boden von GG austauschen gegen einen der Stein gibt ! da jedesmal egal wo du auf GG bist minerst musst du 5minuten warten sinkst in den boden ein bekommst schon gold aber dadurch das vlt der komplette boden zusammen hängt und immer wieder komplett rendert auf einen schlag und dann die stelle evlt berechnen musst braucht man echt 5minuten wartezeit bis mal die oberfläche über den Depot verschwindet wäre mal vlt eine idee das zu testen könnte sein das dann alle probleme. weg sind grüße #nohate

The server is powerful and the config is fine, its the limits and the despawn time that is massive, as well as probably the number of playfields.

if the number of ships significantly affects the performance of the server, try to work out a virtual garage type stealth mode no limit. In it, players will be able to store ships that are not used today and pick them up if necessary.

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i don’t see powerful server. i see only lag, bag,frieze. and what not all problem server. i agree what need limit but not what.

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Change all system pve and ok i agree for all limit

Since you seem to have not read the guide, we already have top of the line servers.

You also may not have been here long enough to know that Rex already tried upgrading to a more powerful server, at a huge cost to him, and there were absolutely ZERO performance gains. NONE. ZIP. So rather than waste money we went back to what you see today.

The only way to increase performance is to remove structures and impose hard limits, like what is happening. It’s the game, not the server.

Hey Darkside…

We have one of the most powerful server available. And not for weather forecast, but for a stupid game :wink:
We tried a better Server before and even thought to give it another try, but it never changed anything. Its the Game-mechanics the way its programmed that causes the lags, not the server. NO GAME needs such a server. Its insane honestly. Therefore the limits, as sad as it is :frowning:

I will check the “auto stealth” option, but all of that takes time. It might be december until its done. And I hope it works well, since spawning can also “crash” easily :(. but we are working on it.


nice genius then explain why so lags in pvp? just do not say that there is no optimization in the game. I know that it is not and will not be. but at the moment the server is not coping with the number of players that are playing now

I didn’t know you thought so highly of me, thanks! :wink:

Well bud, when even the admin just confirmed what I said, maybe, just maybe, I’m not the one in the wrong? Just a thought. You can feel free to search the forums yourself and see.

Have a nice day! :joy:

I understand that team HWS work and not to blame for the problems what game. I know what have dev and he must optimization but player who play need change for good side now.

well let’s see what gives such a load on the server and try to change them for the better. many structures in playfield well let’s limit. big star map well let’s make it smaller. many resources are well bordered clean asteroids clean meteorites. change config to better. i know what shoot only at the same time 22 turrets ok give limit for turrets. up thrusters and RCS and we rebuild our sv hv cv and we use not to much device.

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Rex and Jascha

The limits are worth a try, I fight on EU GG every day and I have not seen more than a 6v6 in SV’s in ages.
Once this season did I see it go over the limit, be we had not been in an alliance and it was about 12 SV’s.

Its worth a go to help with the server performance as the lag does lock up on GG.
The worst spot is next to the RED bunker with the towers and all the SV’s and HV’s there, you can lock up for a good 10 to 20 seconds at a time.

and the prize for the best lier goes to…

The only thing you are doing is this shit every night

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You need to learn to watch your mouth and what you say.
As I am getting sick and tired of your crap and you need to shut the hell up once and for all.

This chat is for comments about what Rex has posted, not for you to run your mount off as you normally do with personal insults to myself and other team mates.

2.1 Please be respectful to others, even those not in your direct global conversation. This means: No racism, no sexist remarks, no shaming or verbal abuses.

As for your picture

  • List item
    don’t hide cores in small sections of blocks all over the place
    don’t have an alliance member keep running in an out of the bunker in a tank
    don’t have an alliance member combat log 5 times in 2 hours
    don’t have a team mate and alliance members dig all around our bunker, that you have been doing for weeks

In short its a game and what goes around come around, now stick to the subject at hand.

@Jascha @RexXxuS
Please can you ask Paxxo to stop with the personal insults and attacks in game and in the comments here, as this is now looking as though he is on a personal attack once again.

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Mono the justice paladin.
I will remember you that if 10 limits sv will hit you so much.
The actual alliance also not declared is:
AAA - GMC - ACM - SS - QTZ - FCE - FC1 and others. I have tons of video of you and your friends fighting together against me.
We will see.
Have a nice day

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Thanks for the kind statement but I am no justice paladin, I am just a humble player that plays and abides by the rules of HWS.

I am sorry to give you the bad news, your information is incorrect at this time.
You have scored 42.85% on your information.

42.85% are allies 57.15% are not, I hope that helps you.
I welcome the 10 v 10 limit, as it will be better for all round play for all factions, as it will hopefully allow for a smother PVP playfield and more fun SV fights that everyone loves.

Even your team mates might not get discounted during a fight, like the other night on GG with Darkside and his Z9.

In any case remember it is a test and Rex will always look to apply the best limits to give the best performance to the server.

Don’t be afraid of change it is good from time to time and the HWS team are doing everything they can to give you, I and everyone else the best game play they can with an alpha game.

Have a nice day also.

enjoy the show

you can check my twitch for many others :slight_smile:

Please keep it civil / friendly and to the topic here.
If there are problems @Paxxo1985 then do it in the proper way.

Thank you.

This will be the last thing I say on this matter as this tread is about the server limits and not your game play etc.
People prefer to hunt you over us, that does not mean we are in an alliance with everyone who fights you.

Its called a non aggression pack to KILL and hunt Paxxo/RED/OPG Etc for fun, that’s how it was with AAA, GMC and ACM at the start.

If you would like to ask me anymore questions relating to the matter I would be more than happy to answer them, just PM me, so as to not spam or hijack this tread.

I hope this helped to end the matter.
Kind Regards

For me is an alliance de facto. But if it feels you better call it as you want. Limits must hit also those.

This thread is about limits no?

Lets draw a line.

Best regards