HWS Survey III | Please help us to improve HWS | Mid season patch | Part 2

Hi HWS Community,

as announced the first part of the mid season patch is live now.

To improve the situation even more, we need unfortunately even more limits. Especially HWS 9 in mind, with probably even more players, we learned our lessons this season.

New limits | Part 2 (of 2)

The plan is to activate the following changes at the 21th November, 5PM!

Planned Changelog

  • All PvE Orbits will have a new limit: 2 Faction and 1 Private structure per type. Again: as explained in the first announcement — we change our current gameplay of “parking” too much stuff in one place.

  • Black Hole (Orbit) will only allow Class 1 structures — it’s a hot and dangerous late game playfield for only the bravest and best pilots / engineers!

  • From long time experience and statistic we go about a new 10-PvP rule. That means max. 10 SVs and/or 10 HVs for Faction and Alliance per PvP playfields allowed. 10 vs 10 fights (per type) is the max. this game can endure for now in my opinion.

(Note: Supporter Planets are untouched from this as you know)

That’s it for the limit preparation for HWS 9. Strict, I know but really forced / needed to keep up with so many players and more coming.
These limits affect the overall gameplay of course. Not possible to hoard so many structures + constructors etc. will slow down your “productivity” a bit.
But A) it’s good for the performance sake and B) I have some features / missions planned for HWS 9 which equalize some aspects of your “loss”…

HWS Survey III | Please participate (rewards inclusive)

It’s finally time again! Some don’t know the first and second survey but the outcome of them were awesome!
Please repeat it, because we / I really want to improve!

I analyzed the previous surveys and saw the bad quality… I tried to make it more professional this time.

I would really appreciate if you can spend max. 30 minutes of your life into answering also the text questions, giving feedback on everything you have in mind or whatever. As you know I can type faster than I can speak and read even faster — I love to read everything you write, yes, even from my haters :cat:
We will NOT share any text or name you leave there!

Here is your link

And as always I like to give something for your valuable time at least back

  • 5 million credits
  • 1000 Reputation Points

If you leave your ingame steam name at the top, this name is active and exist on HWS, you get that reward at the start of the next season!

Thank you so much in advance!
(The Survey will run until shortly before the next season)

Any constructive feedback — survey or limits below please.

Your HWS Team


who tf hates RexXxuS ?

does that mean the global limit or is that per playfield?

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As RexXxuS wrote about 10 vs 10 fights i would assume per playfield.

But if a Faction has 10 SVs and 10 HVs vs. an other Faction with also 10 SVs and 10 HVs this would be an 20 vs 20 fight or does this new rule mean SVs + HVs = max 10?

No he said 10 SV’s and 10 HV’s faction and alliance, so if you had 3 Alliances, you would only be allowed 10 SV’s from all the alliances also. oh. So Yes, IF you had 10 SV’s and 10 HV’s then it would be a 20v20. but only 10 SV’s for all alliances and 10 HV’s for all alliances.

For me vehicles that causes a lot of lag are Hv with those dust particles. Maybe if you wanna put so much restrictive limits would be 15SV and 5HV.
Hv now are also underused.
Lower Number of HV increase their damage a bit.
Lastly but not less important is that with SV you can move among planets and with hv no. So is the primary transport method and is equally compared to ground stick HV.
Edit: Cannot we just stick with one private sv? I dont wanna miss action because of this restriction.


Hey,10 SV/HV for all PVP playfields for Alliance?! how do you imagine that? we have in the faction more than 10 people, it would kill the PVP on the server. PVP players will leave, think about it, what are you doing?!


I would be for even less, especially when it comes to HV’s.

srz but 10 svs are to less :frowning: by factions with many players make it no sense :frowning: pls let it higher


10 ships for the faction? It’s funny if the faction has more than 30 players. In pvp zone for identification of “friend or foe” all players of the faction must fly in the status of a faction ship. How do you imagine that? At the base of the faction in the pvp zone should be a minimum of 3 ready to ship in case of attack. There are many other arguments against this decision. Announce the new rules before the start of the season so that players can decide whether or not to buy property preservation packages in the new season.

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sorry for the late response. The limit is a misunderstanding!

Its about a fight on a (one) Playfield where there should be only 10 vs 10 SV/HV, not more = max 40 Ships battling each other. (when 2 Alliances fight each other)
This is not a Global limit (meaning only 5 SV on Playfield A allowed and therefore 5 on another Playflied). Its just about one Playfield. So basically each Alliance could have 10 SV and 10 HV on each PVP Playfield. Meaning hundrets.

But here the global limits come into places as seen below:


… now i read 10 SVS per alliance soory thats a fucking joke :frowning: goodbye my 21m ship goodbye pvp on GG … .

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You know that counts only on ONE PVP playfield while there are other allience players on it? Its NOT global!

Jascha RED / OPG / U-P = Allianz … so auf GG 1 privates SV bleibt das ? wenn ja ok aber es wäre praktisch zu der änderung wenn wenigstens 1 privates HV möglich wäre klar alle pvp playfields … das heißt wenn im red / opg bunker 10svs / hv stehen kann ich nicht auf Homeworld minern oder fliegen via (u-p) zudem 5svs von red 5 svs von Opg so wir können dann auf Golden globe uns kein schiff teilen etc wegen den warnings und löschung oder public stellung. um das geht es das Playfield auf GG ist dadurch am arsch wegen unity 2018 auf 2017 zurück führung irgendwas hat es da kaputt gemacht. Was gut wäre die meteoriten so ab ändern das sie nicht beim eintritt oder einloggen in den planeten direkt alle immer gleichzeitig spawnen da sorgt für harte lägs zudem das Rendern auf GG ist kaputt großteils liegt aber nicht an den schiffen liegt wohl an was anderes aber das mit 1privat hv auf GG wäre eine super lösung ! das man wenigstens Minern kann und nicht via handbohrer in der gulity zone dann schimmelt <- xD

also10 svs allianz “pro oder alle pvp playfields” ? <-

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Not a fan of the forced scaling down of fights. Especially on places where it’s expected such as GG/HW. It’s people hoarding crap they dont need in the form of svs/hvs/cvs. I think you’re taking one step too far here Rexxus in my respectful and honest opinion.

Best regards

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All these limits are useless. Rent a good powerful server already. member our faction test personal config and he say what he know how to increase pvp performance but all his ideas are always thrown away.

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Ehm ich glaube ich weis woher die Render fehler kommen sowie Latenz probleme auf GG mir ist aufgefallen das wenn man Gold Depots abbaut und die ERDE trifft und es eine art Wolke ergibt der ping extrem hoch springt und dies jedesmal ! kann es sein das es seit dem auf GG keine komplette goldkruste ohne diese erde die kein Stein gibt sorgt die vlt für die Render fehler ? weil sie gibt eben gar nichts und bedeckt 80% von GG also ein boden ohne inhalt ist das vlt die Ursache ?

wäre da echt super wenn ihr das mal testet ! einfach den derzeitigen boden von GG austauschen gegen einen der Stein gibt ! da jedesmal egal wo du auf GG bist minerst musst du 5minuten warten sinkst in den boden ein bekommst schon gold aber dadurch das vlt der komplette boden zusammen hängt und immer wieder komplett rendert auf einen schlag und dann die stelle evlt berechnen musst braucht man echt 5minuten wartezeit bis mal die oberfläche über den Depot verschwindet wäre mal vlt eine idee das zu testen könnte sein das dann alle probleme. weg sind grüße #nohate

The server is powerful and the config is fine, its the limits and the despawn time that is massive, as well as probably the number of playfields.

if the number of ships significantly affects the performance of the server, try to work out a virtual garage type stealth mode no limit. In it, players will be able to store ships that are not used today and pick them up if necessary.

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i don’t see powerful server. i see only lag, bag,frieze. and what not all problem server. i agree what need limit but not what.

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