HWS Survey III Results | More Polls for the start of 2019!

Hi HWS Community,

as promised here are the HWS Survey III Results!


Very interesting to see that the yellow and purple piece grows more and more. Still, we have a good portion of newcomers as well - welcome!


Since CSW became more stable the “Both” piece grew to a nice %. Still, a nice half stack here.


No surprise but Eleon could improve the server filter for every server still. I also wanted to see if we should maybe add more Youtube videos…


Very proud and honored about that result! :slight_smile: With 2000+ users last season it motivates me to improve it along the way for sure!

Wait for it…


Very happy about that one too.


Bad question on my side but it proofed the good result from above.






The master question again… I think we can all agree that IF Eleon would invest at least 30% more into PvP it would get more attention. But for now Empyrion is mainly a PvE game and the majority enjoys that aspect.

I tried to boost PvP nevertheless in HWS 9 with certain PvP events and decisions you have to make…

Sorry I still couldn’t finish it as I wanted. Alpha 9 ruined it for me for now. Fingers crossed for HWS 9.X!

Very happy to see that as well! :slight_smile:

7 the way to go but maybe we do the global Class 5 cut for PvP at one point…


I hope you like the current version of GG!


A healthy curve I would say. Especially seen below it was the most successful season so far and I know at least from my part, why the last bar is lower than the others…

HWS 5, we will never forget you!




To the guys on the right… please make suggestions next time.

Very interesting for me. I will always observe these graphs through out the time and adjust accordingly.

Thanks for the guys on the left and I respect the opinion on the right (even though I saw, many voted without having a clue what left and what right means…). Anyways, I know that most of the legit guys on the right have issues mostly with me. Sorry for that but mostly it goes down the road if I don’t get respect and have to hear unthankful crap from players who think they are the kings, only because they are “Customers” or something like that. That is an instant no-go for me and straight to the ignore list.
Even though I can be way more “professional” in the end HWS is something we build from zero with blood and time… damn lot time. Everyone who can’t understand what that means in its detail can go straight away.
Anyways, I will always try to improve myself and be less emotional about those guys!

I smell improvements here :slight_smile: Trying! Thank you!

HWS Polls for 2019!

Next year can be tomorrow… next week… next month :wink:

The Supergate Situation in Homeworld System

  • Keep it as it is
  • Implement 2 more K way-out warp routes (To Cebo and Walla)

0 voters

The Homeworld Capture the Base Event

What about the time?

  • Good as it is
  • 4 hours are too long
  • Make other time frame suggestion as comment!

0 voters


  • Good as it is
  • Too low
  • Too high

0 voters


  • Too difficult, too many turrets
  • Too difficult, don’t understand puzzle
  • Too easy, more Tower around
  • Too easy, more turrets
  • Too easy, more puzzles

0 voters

Density affect the gun ranges

  • Set Density to 0, so the Number is always taken from the Config = make it better understandable
  • Keep Density to 1
  • Make it random but not greater than 2

0 voters

PDA NPC Mission

  • Create more Zirax Missions
  • Create more Polaris Missions
  • Create more Talon Missions

0 voters

Tower Jump Event

  • Reward too high
  • Too short
  • More of them

0 voters

First Person Shooter (Quake) Event

  • Too short
  • Reward too high
  • Reward too low
  • Too complicated
  • More of them
  • Improve (better spawn area, better condition, better time etc.)

0 voters

Polls will be closed on Friday 4th January!

If I forgot anything important - please comment below!

I really want to hear everyones feedback - but of course ONLY from those, who know about what they write! Do not write about things you don’t participate in yet!!

Thank you for your participation and help to improve HWS!

Your HWS Team

PS.: I know you don’t know what 1 to 7 means in some survey questions. Sometimes it means 1 = good, sometimes 1 = bad. Really my fault.
For the next survey I will make it very clear in the title already.


I appreciate you posting the results! Stats are always fun to dissect.

A different suggestion for Homeworld might be to make it public by default but a winning team during the event time makes it private. As discussed earlier, it’s not the most feasible thing to do when people are battling (which is why I’ve avoided it as a waste of resources). This also makes it very unlikely for small factions to attempt it because they dont have the numbers to stave off an attack while doing the POI.

What would make it worth it is for smaller factions is to fight to keep a faction from claiming it so that they can mine, though not alone. You still have the incentive to grab the POI if able to lock the planet down but smaller factions also have incentive to fight to keep the planet open to mine for whoever. I think this would turn homeworld back into a PVP hub. Now with the (potential) added wraps, it’s more lucrative than ever.


On the POI question. I would like to add that i feel the current npc predators that spawn in season 9.0 are much more challenging than they were in 8.x. For me, a bit too much so, for foot combat for single players. Really feels like you need micro hv/sv now in these poi as a must.

Though i am not the fastest or best combat player!


Poor wording on the Density question prevents answering straightforward:

Should explain density a bit more so people know what you are talking about -
I.E I wasnt sure if 1 density would mean longer or shorter ranges for guns versus 2 density.

I want guns to have longer ranges, but wasnt sure which to pick, so I picked random because at least the ranges will vary from playfield to playfield. (If I understood random correctly, versus a value picked at random being set globally for all playfields.)


Ah, right! It was a longer discussion in Discord today.

Go to the #pvp-chat channel and check the pinned messages :wink:

First and foremost, I really enjoyed this game so far, and i appreciate all you have done and I cant wait to see what you come up with next. if anything you have made this game so appealing, I may have to quit my job to play more, lol.

With that said, I would like to add some input though, first of all this season has started out to be more difficult then expected, but still playable. I would say some of the missions can be difficult to understand, i would suggest some more info in the descriptions maybe even hints on how to do them.

Also stealing someones blueprint in game should be considered a no no, and if you cant make that happen, then at least forbid them from selling it on the garage, as players have worked extremely hard in making those. Perhaps in order to even that out, maybe have a trophy garage or something similar that someone can buy the trophy ship for major rp, but will pay what the seller wants to sell it for. or the player who won the ship in battle can choose to sell it or get rp, and if they take the rp they need to type a command code and the ship will be destroyed and they get the rp, so basically they can choose rp for defeating the enemy in battle or sell it on the market for money and the buyer will only have the choice of rp.

Also if possible, there are a few ships that i would like to see come back, the eye for example was the perfect ship for many reasons.

Thanks again for all your hard work


I agree with Rabid on his comment. But after reading what Rex said I hope my vote changed. Currently the weapons range is way to short as is the IFF range. No fun flying well within weapons range to find out if the SV or CV is friend or foe. I will say I am happy as a lark with GG. You did a really good job this season.

TheState has a good point about HW. A smaller or just starting out faction may avoid doing the event even though it would benefit them well. They would avoid it mainly due to their low numbers, lack of resources and equipment to get the job done. I dont know the answer but maybe gear the even to get the smaller PVP factions involved but make it difficult for the PVE factions. That way the smaller PVP factions get exp plus resources to carry on their PVP adventures and the PVP on the server grows. PVE is strong PVP is not at this time.

Respect to all HWS factions and the sever staff.


So far this season is a lot tougher in PVE I think due to the AI aliens can chase you through doors. I had some chase me all the way into my CV !. Very challenging but some Aliens now are very OP (sniper, and rocket launcher) as they never miss and when rushed by the masses you cant deal with them. I know a lot of people are just using SV or HV to mow down the Aliens which maybe isn’t that fair as you can level up real quick?

The special POI’s can be very difficult and may not be worth the amount of dying you suffer to clear them.

Other POI’s like the ones on Binobi (devil house, ramshackle, 3 spire, and so on) spawn so fast you end up killing hundreds (and level fast) and must use a HV or CV to kill them.

Trading seems less abundant than last season I liked all the trading posts and I know you had some challenges with alpha 9, I hope trading comes back as it seemed that PVE allowed trading and resource gathering to sell to PVP players who controlled mostly the gold supply -ended up being a nice economic system where pve pvp or players that do both could make money and move around.

I woild like to see more missions like FPS where players join and maybe dogfight in a HV or CV? I think this would get new players into PVP as well-maybe the mission supplies the ship and ammo so no cost to players?

also a dogfight mission could track players wins so there would be a leader board?

Would be nice to have a PVP planet but the space around it is PVE so you can leave a nice home base CV in space and fly down in a sv for combat or POI’s planet would have some good resources? Planet might be a perpetual war zone with some good resources/traders to fight over?

I play a lot on this server Rexxxus as you have done so many things right thank you for all the work you do each season.


none, get rid of this feature altogether. its garbage.

Well that’s a little harsh, why is it bad?

One of the things I would like to see changed is drill turrets on CVs. Who in their right mind would fly a big, slow to maneuver, capital vessel into an asteroid field?? Drill turrets should be downsized and put on SVs instead. They are smaller, more maneuverable space craft. Leave the tool turret on the CV, that’s fine. But the drill turrets need to go and made available to the SV instead.

Available with HWS Garage ships.

The polls are closed and the result can be checked above @everyone

  • I will implement 2 K-warp outs to Cebo and Walla but create a real “black hole” by not being able to escape from it beside warping to Titan / Nova or using the Supergates. (enriched with more details once you warp in)

  • If the event manager allows, I might reduce the Homeworld Capture the Base Event to 3 hours

  • I see if I can improve the HWS Metropolis POI

  • Density Poll is not representative since many didn’t know what it means or that Density 1 was just a recent patch, nobody could test properly before. My bad. Please test the current ranges carefully, since they are at least twice as good as before

  • More NPC Faction Missions incoming

  • More Events incoming

  • Don’t like the FPS event myself right now. Will improve it, thx.

I will have to check out this HWS SVs!!

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Good evening @everyone,
slowly but steady we are releasing the HWS Garage ships again.
Due the coming 9.1 patch we had to rework some ships (cockpit) and have put a lot of thoughts into a “Price Settlement”.
You know exactly what component cost how much now - as customer and creator.
Some ships got more expensive now, some cheaper.

You can find the Price Settlement table here:

Ships which got implemented today:
The Eye X3
Kolfskot X2
Astro Worm

More and more will be released daily now.
You can find the updated specifications here:

Have fun! :rocket: