HWS Survey IV | Please participate to answer fundamental questions!


Hi HWS Community,

after the last very successful Survey III I wanted another fresh survey to get as many opinions as possible!

I think this is the most important Survey I’ve ever made, concentrating really on the important questions. Asking this time more text from you.

But especially asking you about some core changes. Mass & Volume, impression of Exposed Thrusters and most important 2 month season instead of 3 months!

IF you leave your STEAM ID in the survey you get even a big reward at the start of the next season!

  • 5 million credits
  • 1000 HWS Reputation Points

Please spread the word! (for active players of course)

Please take your time for the Survey and help us to make HWS even better!
That is always our top motivation!

Thanks a lot in advance and excited for your answers! I’ll read everything!

Your HWS Team


Sorry i’m one of those annoying types :stuck_out_tongue: You mean Made

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Hey together,

the Survey is incredible interesting for me!
I’ve read everything so far and thank you a lot for your valuable feedback! Good or bad!
I already made notes of things I agree and will change!

The most interesting things for me were the 3 questions about Exposed Thrusters, Mass&Volume and 2 month season.

While 3 months season are still the way to go for you for now, the other two questions are showing a tendency of a change! And I like that!

Important notes:

  • HWS is NOT Vanilla! Whatever and where ever you tested with Mass&Volume, it won’t be like HWS - with my HWS Config and changed container + backpack values. I would have OCD, OAM, etc. in mind as well as POI raiding. The big power drain of cargo extensions is also something I don’t 100% support.
  • We can always go back in HWS 11 since it’s an option
  • Thrusters would get a hitpoints boost but the details matter here
    • for one exposed does not mean they have to be put outside! You can still place them inside but you have to make sure a “tunnel” is available for them to the outside
    • one layer of shutter windows can be put in front of Thrusters - good for our EWS

So every concerns mentioned in the Survey are mostly because you didn’t know the details yet - understandable. But most are open for a test - same as me.
Especially with Shields, you have to rework your ships anyways, so why not beat 3 flies with one clap?
Yes, some complain about old ships and to rework them but once you start doing it, I’m sure you will have fun to discover new aspects of the game!

And yes, there were of course also comments which made me worried… like “I cancel my Patron if you activate it” or “I will never return to HWS if you activate it”, etc.
Quite strong sentences were used.
All I can say to that: such sentences were used already in the past and guess what: these guys still support me and play on HWS.
It’s up to you to threaten me that way of course but to resist yourself against changes that way, will never help in improving overall. And even if the “try” fails, it was still an improvement.
So I’m not saying I ignore such feedback but the way it’s presented is not something I like or helps you overall to stop me doing it for sure then.

Anyways, it will be a new interesting challenge to all builders out there to show even more your experience in good (PvP) designs!
Few examples of the setting “ThrustersNeedOpenSpace”:


  • I was thinking about a dedicated “PvP EGS Spawn” Zones somewhere on ECC.
    A one time free PvP ship (sponsored by PvP players?) for everyone.
    That way they can go sooner into heavy POIs raids or PvP even.
    Cause’ Prefab ships are Singleplayer ships…
  • I try to hurry with the HWS Config changes and activate it also on the Official EXP server. Including the Mass&Volume setup.
    Thruster not sure yet since the Survey was only meant for HWS.
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Season Length
An apology for my survey post

Its 3 birds with one stone but whatever, flys work too.

So with the thrusters does that mean anything that is not air tight would be able to be put in front of them?

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German it’s flies. Poor birds :grimacing:

no, only my marked items.


Looks like in the long run, all good pvp designs will be the same, but with spammed shutters where thrusters are exposed. I don’t see any improvement in this outside of making pvp ships more ugly. Especially considering the fact that it will ruin triangle optimization as a concept. There are much more important game issues that should be adressed first like thruster physics, which unlike exposed thrust will be fun once implemented.


To build a proper ship under current restrictions on some game fields (some place class1-class5 …) will make ship building impossible or time consuming and difficult.Leave it as it is in my opinion ,this change wont make game experience any better or more challenging, it only will be a pain in the back end.More issue which need to be sorted out: is trading ,restricting CV from ECC planet,large jump distance so pentaxid gonna worth mining.Just saying :slight_smile:

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Thinking again about this I think we could give mass/volume a try - it should work.

As for thrusters this is much bigger change, maybe it could work if you increase thruster force significantly, but overall it’s something that really should be well tested before implementing it on HWS and I think we don’t really have time for that now since there are many other things with alpha 10 anyway.


“Quite strong sentences were used.
All I can say to that: such sentences were used already in the past and guess what: these guys still support me and play on HWS.”

Rexxxus, im my survey I mentioned it was important to set pride aside and stop making digs at your customers. I stopped my paeteon just now. I will probably continue playing hws because I enjoythe friends Ive made along the way. I believe in the value of customer service. You are great with your support tickets. You need to work on you acceptance of criticism. Telling your customers things like they just dont understand or if you made a spread sheet youd get it is not a way to keep customers. I believe money talks. As such by withdrawing my paetron I wish 1 messege to be clear. Be kind to those who support you or run the risk of one day being without support.

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That is fine. Thanks for the support until now!

HWS is in the background a business and I make my living with it as well, but I won’t see it as “Customer Service” or equally being a “Call Center Dude” at all!
HWS is about fun, respect and community. Hence

Does maybe fits for America.
For me I don’t care about money! If there is a decision to take happy players or a lot of money I would take happy players mate. Believe it or not.

Anyways, I take personal feedback very serious and for me it wasn’t about pride.
Still, I will reflect on these words.
Take care.


I agree with rev such comments seem like everyone who keeps paying accepts your changes, I don’t, weight, thrusters and a 2 month season are the worst ideas I have heard mentioned so far. I understand 1 of them will have to happen at least next season.

To be clear I only pay to make my life here easier while I play with my friends, I don’t pay to show that I support your every decision. On this note I would like my role as a patreon removed off the discord as I now do not wish it as a show of my support of your every decision.


That is totally off-topic what you guys try to achieve here.
A PM would be more appropriate.

Supporting me has nothing to do with decision support. It’s about supporting the efforts for me to provide a (hopefully) cool game experience for thousands of players. A hub for your friends inclusive.
If all that is treated with shoes here like that it’s very sad and demotivating.

That is your job. The Discord Bot syncs the roles automatically. Cancel the API connection in your Patreon Dashboard. Change your mail address in the forum as well so you are “clean”.

What a sad outcome.

Anyways, the Survey was meant as feedback filter and the EXP will show you more details.
I tried to offer more insights here but it feels wasted.
More infos soon in the forum.

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