HWS+ Teaser | The Era Of The Elements | Part 1

Dear HWS Community,
it’s about time! After 1 year we are coming closer to a new season, a new start of HWS.
A lot happened in this year, a lot of inspiration from other games influenced me and so, I am excited to start a new, reinvented HWS for you.
The main goal was to create something that is not dependent on Vanilla anymore but still more or less compatible. Something, we as community have full control of. Something we can balance to perfection and enjoy the incredible depth it can bring.

In this part 1 teaser I’m roughly showing what is waiting for you.
In part 2 I want to explain in more detail what the EWS² is about.

Thank you for watching, thank you for your patience.
See you in HWS+.
Your HWS Team

Thank you Achilles once again for lending me your incredible voice!


Looks awsome… can’t wait :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Image from Gyazo