HWS Test Server

Is this a thing that I just missed somewhere? I see a section titled “Experimental” in the Get Support category but don’t remember ever seeing an HWS test server anywhere in the list the few times I have looked through it recently. @HWS

Is this just the NA server?

I ask solely because I was considering asking for help setting up just such a server with the HWS mods added on where I can have some form of admin rights. The goal being PvP “balance” if it can ever be achieved to some satisfactory level.

  1. Testing drastic changes to weapon range, damage, ammunition stack size, etc.
  2. Short seasons of maybe a week that are only open when I have the time to closely monitor
  3. 2 areas of space max with 1 or 2 planets in each space
  4. OCD to allow players to carry everything needed to get a quick start for each short season(no buy-ins everyone has OCD lvl X)
  5. No banks, taxing, or OAM
  6. First season with enough mats to get started and then have the resources needed to maintain and save for the next season scattered in different PvP fields

The server would maintain the HWS name if desired since it would have HWS features, I understand if there’s hesitation to share your hard work on the code you’ve done for all the HWS features so this may not be something I can even do. The tests can’t really be done properly without the current HWS setup and it would be narrow in scope so some things that might end up working great small scale may work out much differently in the actual HWS universe, but from a balance perspective, I feel this could be effective.

Just a few notes:

  1. I don’t have the time currently but it’s something I’m starting to look into in the event that I get more available time
  2. I’d be willing to sign non-disclosures and such regarding your personal code if it’s not something you want to be openly available
  3. I can’t promise anything currently but I do like what you’re doing here and am hoping I can contribute sometime relatively soon
  4. I really really like Empyrion and HWS!


once we had a dedicated HWS Test server called “Nova”. But we talked with Eleon about it and merged it then to the official one

That way you can still have our special touch like the “cb:getmestarted” command bringing you instant to lvl 25 and infinite hacked do:re + do:bp packages but for visibility and neutrality we went the official way (HWS has some haters).

Glad you like HWS and our work but unfortunately we are not open for sharing anything of our hard work for now. We had some bad experiences in the past and it turned into a no-go for now.

The only thing we share is our HWS Config file to active HWS players privately and only for testing purposes.

Maybe in the future we have a better fundament to do such interesting experiments.

Thanks for the feedback.


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