HWS turns 6 years old! THANK YOU!

Good morning dear HWS community,

on March 1st, 2016 @Jascha and I had the crazy idea to start our very first server for Empyrion. HWS became the biggest and most popular server by thousands of players.
We never would have thought that possible. We are not only proud, but above all grateful that many of you are still playing here. You made 6 years of HWS possible and personally I still love what I do. It’s not always easy with all these bugs and the conflicts that might result, but we’re still here and trying our best to keep it alive and make it better each day!
HWS grew into a large community and we are very glad that we can share more experiences and explore more adventures with you together in the future.
HWS+ is around the corner, which will be a personal restart and focus to work on it for many years.
HWS Connect+ will follow afterwards that concentrate on a much better experience for you, combined with preparing more features that go hand-in-hand with ingame progression such as Dialogues.
HWS Patreon will be restructed for the first time and polished out to give you more rewards and fun out of it.
Last but not least there might be still a way to connect all 3 HWS servers together but that is a bigger challenge for later.

Before the HWS RE full wipe (which is not 100% known yet but plan with +/- 25.03.) I plan to do a 36% Supporter Sale with permanent packages included.
Same for the HWS+ full wipe (which has no date yet, but I’m working hard on the release as soon as possible, as ready as possible)

Once again I want to thank all of you, Supporters, Patrons, veterans, casuals, newcomers. You all shape it and make it!

Your HWS Team


Thank you lads… for holding out with us :grin:

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