HWS universe!?

Rexxus why do you keep working against evything i do? i mentioned i used HWS universe to located bases on planets, and woops one day later you removed it, yet again limiting the tools for pvp players…

That was no Feature for you or anyone. Be happy that we did this mistake. And thanks for reminding us :wink:
That was a global radar for free. Not good.
We first need to balance / fix things and may introduce it back as a faction bonus or something like this.

… where is my lawless bonus :O? i get nothing as bonus! while pirates are getting large amount of combat steel etc…

Its almost like the PvP players arent happy unless other line up in the sights so they really don’t have to do any work… :wink: #

I suggest a new feature just for Thran,


This will instantaneously pull a random player in a ship from somewhere in the universe and place them 100m directly in front of Thran’s guns and diable all their input control allowing Thran to annihilate them and loot their mangle corpse to his delight. :mrgreen:


Sounds good Kalsius. Or we should build a big space arena, where Thranir is trapped and from time to time people can enter and fight him while the others can make bets. Like his personal space-pvp-prison.

Whizzle, that would be really cool!

We really want to make an arena fighting feature. Hopefully very soon :slight_smile:

We should add a new donation feature, if you donate $20 or more you get a one time spawn command that puts Thran in a clown costume in the arena for 30 minutes and you get to shoot vegetables at him with a produce cannon :smiling_imp:

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