HWS WIPE on 24.12.2020

And those are first come, first serve? Or is there a delay before anyone can claim?

First come

So safe to assume all will be taken by the time everyone is done celebrating one of the most celebrated holidays in the world?

there were open ones for the first couple months of this season. just plz don’t go chopping up open bases with a multi tool :wink:

I am always worried when there is a wipe, that the server will get broken…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Or does everybody remember the spring season, when Rexxus had to revert to a prior season for a week, while the 30 to 50 bugs were ironed out. He does one hell of a job. Everybody should think about doing a monthly patreon donation for him, so he could devote fully to the server, and build the universe. Hell I do, even the past month and a half while I was rebuilding my computer, because an electrical storm(one of those freakish winter electrical storms, the dreaded thundersnow) surged up and ruined the computer, it also fried a surge suppressor, but ce la vie. Now I am back to up and running.

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You say thundersnow fried your computer, I bet it was something else. Erotic perhaps?

Are you browsing that hi-def ASCII pr0n again w/ embedded Trojans? That protection only works if you use it from those nasty viruses!

pornados are rough…

I hear it’s quite the sticky situation, caught up in a whirlwind of emotions unrelenting in the vast amounts that are uploaded to the internets daily.