HWS WIPE on 24.12.2020

Hello all…

I think I speak here for many people who have family and on 24.12 have no time on HWS to start the new Seasson on 24.12…

Exactly on this certain day many people will not have time to start the new season together with you. Therefore, I appeal to @RexXxuS …please rethink it again and move the wipe by 3 days that all can start together because over Christmas hardly anyone will have time to concentrate on HWS.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and stay healthy.
We will see each other again after Christmas.

LG Insap


Not only Catholics play on the server. And if you follow your logic, then Rex should adapt to the religious holidays of all religions!!! Muslims, Buddhists, Orthodox, Jews all have their own religious holidays!
Or are you not tolerant?


It’s not about religions for me… But it’s about the fact that there are enough people who have children and it is the time to take care of the family…
Religion has nothing to do with this

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Uh… where did you get the idea that catholics are the only people who celebrate Christmas? I hope you’re trolling. Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, whether people are believers or choose to use the day to simply spend time with family/exchange gifts.

I want the launch to go as well as possible and I have concerns for the player count if the new season launches on Christmas Eve or Christmas for a lot of different reasons, and while people should have already prepared, there are probably people who haven’t and are already out of town… it’s potentially a recipe for disaster and complaints. Who knows though, it could go perfectly well.


Don’t worry Insap :wink:
Seasons last 3 months, nothing happens on day 1 you won’t be able to catch up to later.


we all have been chomping at the bit for the new season. but yes family comes first in most cases. however i don’t see any benefit in waiting till after the holiday for the new season. i for one will be living it up this holiday weekend in s14 :slight_smile:


It’s very selfish to ask the administration to do this!
This day means nothing to me, I have other days when we get together as a family.
Author of the topic, stop being selfish! I don’t want to wait any longer for the new season because of you!

i mean he isnt wrong, plenty of people including myself have children that we want to enjoy the day with, we also want to spend time enjoying the new content with our friends and community here, but we can’t. In your post you told him to quit being selfish and you said “I don’t want to wait any longer” is that not selfish too?

This post escalated quickly. I love this community. Yall funny


That’s the risk we take when posting in a public forum

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LOL…funny mofos today. Correct me if Im wrong (Im not), but the server will be online after you spend time with the kids… I been working from home, kids been remote learning…I’ll have some fun with the kids and you freaks tomorrow…

I mean you are wrong because for me (CST) that equates to 9 am CST. Assuming it is based on server time which is how it always is. At 8 am I am leaving my home and won’t be back until the 25th afternoon. I mean he’s going to do what he wants, his server, his decision. But assuming that people don’t have plans Christmas eve/day is mighty bold of you. Not everyone works from home, not everyone’s kids do remote learning.

there is never a “one size fits all” for most anything. no matter the date, someone will be upset. can’t please everyone :frowning:

Im not wrong, this server has been up for over five years…it will be here when you’re holiday is over.

Yup…found him Bob :crazy_face:

Thats my middle name sir!

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Give kids ipad, promlem solved :rofl:

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I guess really the only ones that will be affected is ABN and RED assuming there’s a pvp start the inbound noob slaughter will be more spread out. Other than that tradition it doesn’t matter if you’re early or late… Well dailies I guess. Lotta people gonna get screwed on that hundred barrels banger

not sure if it will happen but Rex stated in the past he was going to remove the PvP start to avoid cries of spawn killed noobies. but im sure salt collecting ant squishers will have issues with this as well…

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Did he take away the free penthouses? Or was that only this season

they have been around on meta for a long time. hoping they will still exist next season.

They will

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